You may or not know it but on the 3/5/2012 the electorate of London will be going to the polls to vote if they want to.People will have three votes to elect a mayor, an individual constituency member and a vote for the London assembly list.

London is a city which has vast disparities in wealth.Between very rich people living in some parts of inner London like Kensington and suburbs like Richmond. But on the other hand London has a vast precariate army of people living a precarious existence on low earnings or temporary employment or even worse a very high rate of unemployment amongst young people.

Many  people living in the capital face a life of renting from private landlords having no chance of being able to afford their own property or getting social housing accommodation. So it is understandable if their is widespread dispair amongst people living in London.

However clearly a fight back is needed. As I have said in my previous blog we need to form community action groups and volunteer support groups.This having been said the question is what should people do in the London elections next Thursday?

Now as all three of Britains major political parties are in favour of some form of neo liberalism I can understand the view that people should not bother to vote on 3/5/2012. However if people do decide to vote I would recommend a vote for the Trade Union Socialist Coalition in the London assembly wide list as they have a clear programme of fighting neo liberalism and are in favour of fighting against corporate rule.

As for the election of the mayor I personally did vote by post for Ken Livingstone as he is different from other Labour politicians he is in favour of rent controls for private landlords.Also he has a good record of opposing the British and American imperialist wars and he is a strong supporter of the Palestine struggle.

However whatever you decide to do in the London elections next Thursday try and get involved and active in campaigns for a better world and against neo liberalism and corporate rule.


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