The election of Emmanuel Macron as France,s new President is without doubt a very clever advertising con trick. As he is a continuation of the disastrous policies of Francois Hollande the previous ‘Socialist’ Party President. In other words old wine wrapped up in a new bottle.

He is a former banker whose political background is the extreme right wing of the French ‘Socialist’ Party. He stated some time ago that he no longer considers himself a Socialist. He obviously never was.

As President Macron will subordinate Frances,s policies to that of the EU. He is a is a corporate neo liberal globalist. There is a certain amount of truth in the view that Anglea Merkel is the real new President of France.

Macron will continue the Pro EU corporate neo liberal policies of Hollande. More privatization, social security benefit cuts and ‘labour reforms. So as to attack workers living standards.

His main weakness as President is that he is very unlikely to have a parliamentary majority after the legislative elections in June 2017. So he will be a weak and unstable President.

I am confident that within two years Macron will be extremely unpopular. His opinion poll approval rating will be like that of Francois Hollande 8%.

It is up to the French working class and and trade unions to organize resistance to Macron,s anti working class, globalist pro corporate neo liberal policies. They must turn Macron,s weakness to their advantage.

Best wishes to all.


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