The government decision to call a general election on the 8/6/2017 is in my view a strange and very worrying decision. The Labour party decision to support holding a general election is in my opinion a major tactical mistake.

Firstly the Conservative government already has a 17 seat majority. So there is no need to call an election. So we need to ask the question why did the government call the election?

In my personal opinion there is only one major reason for this. There is very bad economic news on the way. I personally expect that this will be a major economic crash and financial crisis. This being due to the massive debt in the financial system. With a big new parliamentary majority the new Tory government will be able to make the working classes pay for the economic crisis. Also they will be able to give big financial bailouts to their big finance friends.

The Labour party decision to support holding an election is in my opinion a major tactical error. As they are about 18% behind in the opinion polls. They should have blocked the call for a general election until 2020.

The Conservatives will easily win the election helped by a mainly pro Conservative media. The new government will of course carry out big attacks on social and welfare spending.

The Labour party after a heavy loss in the election will probably swing massively towards the right. This is why I believe that we need to build a new socialist party outside the Labour party. As socialists cannot coexist in the same party as the Labour right wing.

After the election on 8/6/2017 the future in Britain will in my opinion be quite bleak and grim. I personally support a socialist brexit. But we now have a largely tame and social passive population in Britain and very weak trade unions. Of course a small percentage of the population my self included will resist the new world financial oligarchy. But alas most people will tamely acquiesce.

Indeed a very bleak and grim future for Britain.

God bless you all.


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