Last Saturday the 28/6/2014 was the 100th anniversary of an event which without doubt led to extreme tragic consequences. This was of course the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro Hungary an event which without doubt led to the start of the first world war and event whose aftermath led to the second world war 21 years after the first world war. Sixteen million people were killed in world war one and twenty million people were wounded. In world war two sixty million people were killed. These figures are absolutely horrific these are individual people with individual feelings.

I intend to argue in this blog that there is real evidence that the allied powers may have planned Franz Ferdinand,s assassination so as to goad Germany and Austro Hungary into a major military confrontation so as to stop Germany becoming the worlds major economic power without a war.

The assassination of Ferdinand was carried out on the 28/6/1914 by Gavrilo Princip and a group of Black Hand activists in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo. However it was soon shown to be the case that the real brains behind the assassination was Dragutin Dimitrijevic otherwise known as Apis who was head of Serbian military intelligence.

Now Apis under interrogation confessed to ordering the assassination of Ferdinand. Furthermore he stated that the Russian military attaché in Serbia Viktor Artamonov funded the assassination and that Russia was a co-conspirator in the assassination plans. Please see Luigi Albertini 1953 book ‘orgins of world war one ‘for this evidence. Of course Artamonov not surprisingly denied that he was involved in plotting the assassination. However he does admit that he was in daily contact with Apis and the other conspirators until he went on holiday in Italy on the 19/6/1914.

Now if what Apis says is correct and remember he was the head of Serbian military intelligence and Russia was involved in planning the assassination then we have to take into account the fact that Russia was closely allied to Britain and France. This means then that it is quite likely that if Russia was in on the assassination plot then Britain and France would have been involved in the plot to assassinate Ferdinand as well.

In conclusion we may never be able to prove my thesis but unlike other conspiracy theories this one has some hard evidence to work on. However I would urge all readers of my blog to take part in any anti war demonstrations around the 4/8/2014. I shall be writing another blog about world war one just before the 4/8/2014.



  1. “Now Apis under interrogation confessed”

    If he was tortured or threatened then his “confession” could be all lies or what his torturers wanted to hear.
    Fact is that the Archduke wasn’t given any protection in that open car despite Austria’s huge occupation forces there as well as the power to restrict the population/crowds if it wanted. The fact that they didn’t even abort his tour despite a failed earlier attempt by the clumsy wanna-be assassins is telling.
    Finally, they drove his car right to where Gavrilo Princip stood – even though it wasn’t supposed to be part of the route and Princip was in the wrong place – and STOPPED the car and STAYED stopped so the poor-shooter (he was laughed at during target practice by his lousy aim) could “accomplish” the deed. So Austrian Intelligence arranged the kill and went out of its way for the bumbling, mostly still teens, could give Austria and Germany their pretext for a wanted war.

    The Archduke wasn’t liked nor was he mourned. To start a war for someone that they didn’t mourn is just another sign it was only a pretext. The Archduke had actually been resisting a wanted war by Austrian hardliners. They got him out of the way and an excuse to war on Serbia – killing two birds with one stone.

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