In this latest blog I will argue that despite the difficult nature of the human condition Universalism is the only way forward for the human race. In its non religious context universalism means that unity and solidarity of the human race.

Firstly I shall give a brief outline of the religious view of Universalism. This view of Universalism teaches that all human souls will be eventually be saved due to gods divine love and mercy.The most interesting exponent of this view is the 18th century French American Christian teacher George De Benneville who had a near death experience which taught him that hell is only a temporary form of purification and that ultimately all human souls will be saved. A biblical quote supporting this point of view is Romans 11.32 ‘For god has bound all men over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all’.

Personally I find this Christian view of Universalism quite appealing. As I suspect that ultimately all human souls will be saved as we humans are all fallen angels. As you can see Christian Universalism offers hope to the human race as does the non religious view of Universalism based on human solidarity, which of course all Christians should support.

The non religious view of Universalism believes in the solidarity of the different races of the world because as human we are all in it together. Now I admit that this message of hope can sometimes be not easy to support. We humans all have our fears and our dark side. In certain circumstances of fear and national economic circumstances some people can full prey to nationalism. The key question is how to counter this and build support for Universalism. Firstly we must try and create an economic system which provides justice and security for all.

Secondly although one may support the principles of Universalism it does not mean that people must support undemocratic transnational corporate elite structures. For instance I would support the conscious unity of the peoples of Europe. However at the same time I support British withdrawal from the undemocratic European Union which is just run for the benefit of Europe,s corporate elite.

So in conclusion I would agree that supporting the principles of Universalism may have difficulties in peoples every day life. But I feel that it is the human races only hope. So in conclusion to put the ideas of Universalism into practise I would urge people to get involved in anti war and global social justice movements.


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