I have just finished reading David Ickes new book Remember who you are remember where you came from.

I will out line the positive aspects of the book but make a criticism of  David,s view on how to defeat the global elite at the end of the review of the book.

People who are aware of David Ickes views will know that he thinks that the human race is enslaved in a matrix by a reptilian race of extraterrestials which most of the ruling elite of our planet belong to  and they  are hiding their reptilian self as at present we can only see five senses. However we can break free from the reptilian enslavement by tapping into the truth vibrations and so realise that we can exist beyond the five senses and that we are really pure energy and so breaking free from the reptilian race control.

However whether or not you agree with the reptilian theory I will now outline the positive apsects of the book.

Clearly Davids analysis of the world being controlled increasingly by central global big business dictatorship is correct.You only have to look at the way the countries of the EU have lost their national sovereignty to the central EU dictatorship. Just look at the Greek outrage.

Also the way the world is run by a bankers dictatorship.The bail outs of the banking elite.David Icke  correctly  points out in the book people like Thomas Geithner and others who controlled the economic policy of the Bush administration control the economic policy of Obama..

Moving onto the world, in the book David Icke highlights the hypocrisy of the Western powers foreign policy.Their support for Israels repression of Palestine.Also their support for repressive dictatorships in the middle east.He highlights the way America and Britian use false  flag terrorist attacks like 9/11 and the London bombings to advance their agenda to attack other countries.

In conclusion David states in the book that the human race could face the future of totalitarian hell wherby the whole human race is microchiped from birth and every one of our movements and personal thoughts are monitored by the central globalized world dictatorship which will control the world.

While I generally agree with David Ickes analysis of what is happening in the world my main criticism is of how to fight back against the global elites evil plans.David suggests that demonstations and protests are a waste of time and that how we can defeat the global elite is to connect to the truth vibrations by meditating and sending out loving thoughts to the world.He says the reptile race just cannot handle being bombarded with mass loving thoughts and so their control system will collapse.

While I am all for the truth vibrations method as outlined in Davids book to be blunt they are not enough on their own. We need mass political non violent action as well. We need to build a mass political movement throughout the world to expose and defeat the global elites plans as well.

So in conclusion  yes to the truth vibrations David but we need mass political action as well.




  1. You obviously haven’t listen to all his talks where he suggest exactly what you say. He says the most effective way to fight the system is on a mass level and non compliance. What good is it to shout on the screen when they can do what they want anyway. Imagine if everyone in a country refused to be a slave, stopped going into work and pay their bills. What can they do? This is what we need to do. We just need to say to them thanks but no thanks we can manage just fine without you. Buy, buy.

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