This week I have  received notification of a huge £7.00 per week rent increase.Many private tenants and social housing tenants are facing similar rent increases this year. Allied to this with huge gas fuel bill increases the situation is not looking good for ordinary working class people. Of course the situation is made worse by the fact that most workers are not receiving wage increases this year. I have not had a wage increase for two years.So my real income has decreased about 10% in the last two years. Also the rate of interest on savings is about 1% well below the 4.5% rate of inflation so the bankers are stealing from the real value working class peoples  savings each year.

So clearly a nasty class war is being waged against the working class in Britain by the Cameron Condem government.TheYouth employment rate is about 20% and also 50% of young black males unemployed.To really kick the boot in unemployed  people are being made to work for nothing at places like Tescos or else risk facing losing their benefits. In Hull in North East England their are 58 people chasing every job.

The key question is what to do about it. To be blunt the problem is partly the problem of the working class themselves due to their political inactivity. Active membership of Britains political parties is almost the total preserve of the professional classes nowadays.

The solution I feel is in the hands of the small minority of political conscious working class people.They must be getting super active in their communities, work places and trades unions.

They must try and make every working class person a political activist in their community and work place.Get the working class away from their television sets and out political active in their communities and trades unions. Hopefully this will lead to the formation of  a new working class political party and the start of a fight back against the ruling elite.

So lets try and start the fight back now.





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