The likely election of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States of America on the 3/11/2020 is not likely to make either America or the world a better place. His ‘promise to heal America’ is likely to mean the exact opposite war and turmoil.

Firstly, I will deal with Biden,s economic policy record. He has a track record of being a neo liberal corporate globalist, who acts totally in the interests of corporate America and not the American working class. He strongly supported NAFTA, the free trade deal with Central America which led to well paid American jobs being lost and outsourced to Central America. In my opinion Biden will quickly become unpopular due to his economic policies. I confidentially predict that he and Kamala Harris will be a one term presidency.

However, the most disturbing aspect of Biden,s personality is that he is an out and out warmonger. He played a key role in the NATO disastrous break up of Yugoslavia and the subsequent war with Serbia.

He supported the war in Iraq in 2003. The wars in Afghanistan, and the disastrous war in Libya. Also as American vice president he played a key role in the fascist coup to overthrow Ukraine,s democratically elected president. Alas for Biden he did not take into account the heroic resistance of the people of East Ukraine. So the American intervention in Ukraine turned into a debacle.

Biden is a big Russophobe. So a military conflict with both Russia and China cannot be ruled out under his presidency.

As a globalist Biden will be strongly pro EU unlike President Trump. He will favour the establishment of a fascist EU superstate which will undermine countries national democracies and national parliaments.

Biden will also support the totalitarian Agenda 21. I will be writing a detailed blog on Agenda 21 in the new year. It is too detailed a subject to deal with in this blog.

The task of those of us who believe in peace,justice,equality and freedom is to mobilize both against the corporate globalist Biden. But also against his allies in the EU. Including his allies in the UK like Keir Starmer the leader of the British Labour party a ‘former’ member of the globalist Trilateral Comission.

More importantly we must fight against the totalitarian Agenda 21 and also the fascist lockdowns and compulsory facemasks in public places. Alas most of the British left with notable exceptions like George Galloway and the Workers party of Britain have gone along with the lockdowns.

2021 like 2020 is likely to be a very turbulent year. So get busy and mobilize for peace,justice freedom and equality.

God bless you all.


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