The heroic exploits of Sutton United and Lincoln City in this years FA Cup has captured the hearts of much of England. Lincoln being the first non league team to reach the quarter final of the FA cup since 1914.

Now myself I must confess that non league football is totally in my blood. I supported Enfield FC giants of English non league football until it was replaced by Enfield 1893, who in fact are still my favourite team.

In the last 20 or so years some of non leagues famous teams have died. Walthamstow Avenue and Leytonsone to name two. Others such as Hendon and Enfield have lost their grounds. These clubs being the victims of the club owners selling the grounds.

Of course nowadays many soccer fans are attracted to support the corporate giant teams such as Chelsea and Manchester United. These teams have fans who live along way from the clubs stadiums.

However in my opinion there is a great deal to be gained from supporting your local non league team. They are connected and rooted in the local community. Also the standard of play is quite good,the non league teams success in the FA cup confirms this. There is also a much greater friendship and togetherness amongst the fans as they can meet together in the club bar after the game. Also they tend to live in the area of the clubs ground.

Many non league teams are of course poorly supported and are struggling to survive. This can particularly apply to fan owned clubs as they do not have wealthy owners.

So in conclusion. I say get along to your local towns local non league football teams next match and become regular supporters of the team. Every non league team in England deserves to prosper and survive.


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