Edward Snowden the former American officer of the national security agency is clearly the most talked about person in the world today. At present he is a fugitive in Moscow hoping to obtain asylum in Ecuador.

Mr Snowden became world famous this month when his leaks appeared in the London Guardian newspaper regarding the American national security agencies mass interception of email and telephone date in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world particularly China.

Now it is well known that the USA intelligence agencies carries out world wide surveillance however the extent has quite rightly shocked world opinion. Millions of innocent people throughout the world are having their private telephone calls and emails intercepted without their agreement. In one word it is scandalous.

The American government line that it is necessary to carry out this action to fight terrorism is of course rubbish. The American government is co-operating with the Jihadist fugs in Syria so as to obtain a base to enslave and attack Iran. Also the false flag terrorist actions carried out by the American security forces have been well documented.

The real reason for the world wide surveillance of ordinary people is to monitor anti war and anti corporate rule activists. So as to obtain information about their personal lives and to harass and intimidate them. Also the USA and its allies in the western corporate ruling class are trying to set up a global police state.

That is why also decent people in the world must rally behind Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, who have bravely exposed the evil deeds of the western military and corporate elite.

That is why we must also praise the decision of the Russian government not to extradite Edward Snowden and hope that he obtains his wish of political asylum in Ecuador.


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