At a recent on line conference held by Project Camelot it was suggested that Comet Elenin was either a spacecraft or controlled object. The three main speakers were Johan Calleman, Richard Hoagoland and Joseph Farrell all well known activists in the exopolitics and 2012  movement.

They suggest that Comet Elenin,s entering the earths atmosphere will brings great possible changes to planet earth.Johan Calleman on his recent post on his website suggests that Comet Elenin entering the earths  atmosphere is linked to the final stage of the unity of the planet which will he states take place on the 28/10/11.It is generally accepted that people on our planet will be able to view Comet Elenin on the 31/8/11.

Now people who know me know that I am sympathetic to the truth movement. I believe that the major world governments are keeping secret their knowledge of the existence of extra terrestrials. I also believe  that 9/11 was an inside job. However just for once I am certain that NASA are telling the truth on Comet Elenin.

NASA state that the comet which was first discovered on the 10/12/10 will be nearest to our planet on the  16/10/11 it will be 22 million miles away. States Don Yeomans of NASA near earth project programme. NASA have stated that the comet will get no nearer than this to our planet and will cause no harm to planet earth it will lead to no solar flares or earthquakes.

I have to state that I agree with NASA on this. I can see know evidence that Comet Elenin is anything other than a comet which will cause no disruption to our planet whatsover.

People in the truth movement and exopolitics movement which I consider myself part of should make sure that they get full evidence and support for their theories before putting them forward otherwise they will discredit themselves. Unfortunately I feel that the views of the people who have participated in the Project  Camelot   conference on Comet Elenin have not been backed up  with enough evidence.


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