The news in the media today that the Rupert Murdoch owned News of the World hacked into the phone of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler is to me the most outrageous story in years and shows the News of the World to be the lowest of the low. I know that they also  have reported to have  hacked into the phones of  people like John Prescott, Cheryl Cole and other leading stars and politicians  this is also outrageous. But these other actions will not attact the same opprobrium as hacking into Milly Dowlers phone.

Clearly Murdoch who owns roughly 40% of the British media and will soon have total control of Sky News feels that he can do whatever he wants in the world.However I feel that there is growing revulsion amongst ordinary people in this country to Murdochs actions. We have seen this on Merseyside the widespread boycott of the Sun and other Murdoch News International owned newspapers.

Although this revulsion as yet does not yet exist amongst this countries political class who a few weeks ago all turned up for Murdochs summer party. Doubtless come the next general David Cameron will be consulting with Mr Murdoch about the date of the next general election and possibly even government policies. I am sure that Ed Milliband will also  be trying to get into Murdochs good books at the next general election.

The crucial question is what do we do to fight Murdochs abuse of power. Firstly I would suggest build the independent media from below. The new internet based online newspapers and internet television stations. Secondly boycott Rupert  Murdoch titles intenationally. Boycott the Sun, The News of the World etc. But most importantly boycott his Sky television stations. You do not need his football channells or his Fox News propganda.

So take action and get busy build the independent media  and boycott the Rupert Murdoch owned media.





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