Keir Starmer the pro EU Labour party shadow Brexit secretary, has said that a Labour government would seek to negotiate a transitional deal that would keep Britain in the EU single market and customs union after leaving the EU. This statement by Starmer raises a number of issues.

Firstly it shows the weakness of the character of the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. He seems to be willing to allow himself to be intimidated by the pro EU Blairite elements inside the party to try and water down Brexit.

Secondly the Labour party policy shift will be an absolute disaster for the Labour party. John Mann the right wing Labour member of parliament who I do not normally agree with is correct in stating that the policy shift to support staying in the EU single market will be very unpopular amongst Labour supporters particularly in the North of England.

Staying in the EU single market means support for the EU ‘free’ market, which means opposition to public ownership. Support for ‘open’ competition which means in reality support for privatization of public services. Also subjection to the European court of ‘justice’ and its anti working class and anti trade union rulings.

In conclusion it confirms my personal view as somebody who left the Labour party in 1994. That we cannot really trust the Labour party leadership
of whatever stripe. Also we need to build an anti globalist anti EU socialist movement. As a final note Britain should leave the EU as soon as possible without paying a divorce bill. A hard socialist Brexit.

Best wishes to all for the future.



Extraterrestrial and UFO whistleblower Corey Goode who is holding a major UFO conference in Mount Shasta California from 18/8/17 to 21/8/17. Is also holding a world wide meditation on Monday 21/8/17 at 7 pm Greenwich mean time for world peace and extraterrestrial disclosure.

Now to be really honest I do not know whether or not the claims of Corey Goode reading his contact with ET,S are true. However I will make the following important points. Based on my years of interest in the UFO and extraterrestrial subject. I am convinced that the major world powers already know about the existence of life on other planets.

I would urge everybody to read Steven Greer,s fantastic new book Unacknowledged. In which he provides evidence from many American military and intelligence officers about their dealings with dead ET recovered bodies and crashed UFO,S. I could quote many other sources regarding proof of the existence of extraterrestrials. But alas space does not permit this in this blog.

As Steven Greer has stated in his book the disclosure of the ET presence would allow the use of free zero point energy to mankind. So this would be a major benefit for the human race.

Turning to the meditation for world peace. Without doubt the present situation in the world is very threatening between the USA and North Korea with the possibility of a war between these two countries and the possibility of China being drawn in. So we most certainly need a meditation for world peace and extraterrestrial disclosure on the 21/8/17.

So in conclusion I would urge everybody to take part in this meditation on Monday 21/8/2017 at 7 pm Greenwich mean time.

God bless you all.


A key weakness in Britain is the lack of a radical daily newspaper. The only one is the Morning Star which sells about ten thousand copes a day.

Of course nowadays most young people get there news from alternative media sources and they ignore the mainstream media. However I still feel that it would be a bonus to have a radical daily newspaper.

The Daily Mirror supports the right wing of the Labour Party and only sells about seven hundred thousand copies a day. The once middle class liberal Guardian is now a reactionary neo conservative newspaper. It is the house journal of the Blairites. It now only sells about one hundred and fourty thousand copies a day most of them elderly.

It would be impossible to start a new printed daily radical newspaper. However it would be quite financially possible to start a a daily internet only radical newspaper. The Canary Global shows what can be done.

I would like to hear from people who read my blog. To hear their views on starting such a daily radical paper.

In conclusion to all keep fighting for peace and justice and against the corporate globalists. God bless you all.


In this latest blog I will argue against the current political grain that we still need to build a socialist alternative to the Labour Party.

The Labour Party unexpected good performance in the last general election has given a surprise boost for left forces inside the Labour Party. Momentum the main left grouping in the party is quite a large organization.

The Labour Party will continue to be the dominant left force in British politics probably indefinitely. However I will now explain why I personally feel that we still need to build a socialist alternative to Labour to challenge it from the left.

Firstly most left wing Labour members of parliament gradually drift towards the right after a certain period of time in parliament. This alas is an uncomfortable fact. Also alas so do many left wing Labour party activists.

Also many party activists including lefts, are pro globalist. For instance being pro EU. They have a strange naive view that the EU and other globalist organizations are a force for good. When in fact they support neo liberalism and corporate fascism.

What is needed is a new left socialist party that is anti EU and anti globalist. It would be democratic and non leninist. It could be based on the ideas of the Greek anti globalist socialist Takis Fotopoulos.

The party would be in favour of widespread democratic pubic ownership. I admit that electoral support for the new party would be quite low in the first period of time after its foundation. However I still feel that there is a need to form such a party and try and build electoral support for it.

Best wishes to all.


In this latest blog as an anti globalist, anti EU socialist I will explain why we still still need a hard brexit.

After the surprise hung parliament election result of 8/6/17 some political commentators are saying that there should be a political compromise. They accept that Britain will leave the EU but there should be a soft brexit with Britain staying in the single market.

In my opinion as a socialist this would be a disastrous decision. Being in the EU single market means accepting EU regulations relating to labour flexibility regulations, privatization and rules that place limits on countries budget deficits. Just look at the way the EU is treating Greece. Also the vicious attacks that the Macron government is planning on the French workers labour rights.

The EU is an evil globalist corporate fascist tyranny. That takes its orders from the European round table of industrialists. Britain is much better off outside of the EU fully.

Also if Britain remained in the single market. A future Labour government would not be able to carry out its public ownership policies.

Besides this if Britain did stay in the single market regulations. Then there would quickly be a revival of support for UKIP or some other far right party particularly amongst the working class.

So in conclusion as an anti globalist, anti EU socialist I say Britain must back a hard brexit.

Best wishes to all.


The final result of the British general election held on the 8/6/2017 was without doubt a surprise, 318 Conservative MPS elected and 262 Labour. Also significantly Labour were only 2.4 % behind in the popular vote, Tories 42.4 and Labour 40.00%. This was a far cry from the first opinion poll giving the Conservatives a 24% lead.

Although Labour did not win the election, I feel that they are the party who have gained most from the election. They are also perhaps well placed to win the next election if as I expect there is a major economic crisis. Of course I could be wrong.

The general election results raise a number of key points which I will now look at.

Firstly it showed the growing influence of the alternative media. The corporate printed media overwhelmingly supported the Tories in the election. However many people particularly young people obtained their information about the election from the alternative media. This is a very encouraging sign.

Secondly there was a mass mobilization to vote amongst young people. Overwhelmingly for the Labour party.

Thirdly Britain seems to be reverting back to two party politics of Labour and conservative. Obtaining 40% and 42.4% of the vote each.

Fourthly the major reason for the political mobilization amongst young people is there economic circumstances. High student debt, little chance of buying property or getting a council flat and the prospect of temporary insecure employment.

Fifthly Labour electoral advance is a victory for left wing elements in the party. As I suspect that Right wing elements in the party were hoping privately for a big Labour defeat. So that the right wing could take control of the party.

Sixthly. Labour radical programme shows that you do not have to adopt a middle of the road programme. As a radical programme can appeal to a large section of the electorate.

However I personally still feel that we must try and build a socialist alternative to the Labour party. As Labour MPS tend to swing towards the right once they are in parliament for a certain period of time.

In conclusion the election result does offer hope for the future. It shows that mass mobilization particularly amongst young people can have a political impact. So lets try and build a radical socialist movement for the future.

Best wishes to all.


Further to a previous blog on the UK election on the 8/6/17. It now looks like that the result will be much closer than was previously expected. A poll when the election was first called gave the Conservatives a 24% lead. However the latest opinion poll gives them a 5% lead. Although I am certain that the Conservatives will win the election, it seems as if the result will not be the disaster for the Labour party as was originally expected. To the dismay of many Blairites in the Labour Party.

Now experience has taught me not to trust politicians. I don,t trust the Conservatives. As a socialist I will give a critical vote for the Labour Party on 8/6/17. However to be blunt I do not go along with the hero worship for Jeremy Corbyn. He has performed U turns on the EU and trident and I am sure that he will perform many more U turns if he does become Prime Minister.

So my personal experience has told me that we need to build a mass movement from below for world peace and social change independent of the political party,s. So I suggest that right after the election on 8/6/17, whatever the result you get busy in your trade unions, community groups and peace groups and help buld a mass movement from below to put pressure on the politicans.

God bless you all.