The heroic exploits of Sutton United and Lincoln City in this years FA Cup has captured the hearts of much of England. Lincoln being the first non league team to reach the quarter final of the FA cup since 1914.

Now myself I must confess that non league football is totally in my blood. I supported Enfield FC giants of English non league football until it was replaced by Enfield 1893, who in fact are still my favourite team.

In the last 20 or so years some of non leagues famous teams have died. Walthamstow Avenue and Leytonsone to name two. Others such as Hendon and Enfield have lost their grounds. These clubs being the victims of the club owners selling the grounds.

Of course nowadays many soccer fans are attracted to support the corporate giant teams such as Chelsea and Manchester United. These teams have fans who live along way from the clubs stadiums.

However in my opinion there is a great deal to be gained from supporting your local non league team. They are connected and rooted in the local community. Also the standard of play is quite good,the non league teams success in the FA cup confirms this. There is also a much greater friendship and togetherness amongst the fans as they can meet together in the club bar after the game. Also they tend to live in the area of the clubs ground.

Many non league teams are of course poorly supported and are struggling to survive. This can particularly apply to fan owned clubs as they do not have wealthy owners.

So in conclusion. I say get along to your local towns local non league football teams next match and become regular supporters of the team. Every non league team in England deserves to prosper and survive.


In this latest blog I will look at the first Russian revolution of February 1917. I will look at the October 1917 revolution later in the year. I will argue that the failure of the new government and soviets to end Russia,s involvement in world war one in February 1917 led to the collapse of a promising experiment in socialist democracy and to the later establishment of an authoritarian state under the control of the Bolshevik party.

The 1914-1917 first world war had a disastrous affect on Russia like it did on all of the other countries involved in the war. But perhaps Russia more so than the other countries. Millions of dead and wounded and widespread famine.

So it was perhaps not surprising that in Petrograd on the 22/2/1917 an insurrection broke out. Bread riots,widespread strikes and demonstrations and troop mutinies. The uprising in the city was spontaneous. The Tsar tried to surpress the mutiny but the soldiers sent to surpress the uprising joined the revolt. The uprising quickly spread throughout Russia so on the 2/3/1917 the Tsar was forced to abdicate and on the 3/3/1917 a new provisional government was formed led by Prince Georgy Lvov. The government drew up plans for the election of a constitutional assembly.

At the same time workers soviets sprang up throughout Russia. This led to the establishment of dual power between the provisional government and the soviets which were dominated by the major socialist political party,s.

Unfortunately the provisional government under pressure from the western allied powers kept Russia in the first world war after February 1917. This was a disastrous mistake. So discontent with provisional government quickly spread. As a result the Bolshevik party led by Lenin who returned to Russia in April 1917 attempted a coup in July 1917. So the new Russian premier Kerensky introduced harsh measures in July 1917. The death penalty was reintroduced, strict military discipline was introduced and strikes banned.

A right wing general Kornilov tried to stage a military coup in August 1917. However due to widespread troop mutinies the coup failed. As a result of the hatred and fear of a right wing coup and discontent with Russia,s involvement in the war the Bolshevik party was able to stage a coup in October 1917 which led to the eventual establishment of the one party Bolshevik state and the banning of other socialist political party,s.

The failure of the February 1917 revolution was in my opinion a great tragedy leading to the collapse of a genuine attempt at socialist and workers democracy. In my opinion the reason for this tragedy was the failure of Russia to end it involvement in world war one in February 1917. The blame for this must be put on the soviets and all three major socialist party,s mensheviks, bolsheviks and socialist revolutionaries in not forcing and end of the war in February 1917.


This year is the 500th anniversary of a very significant event. Martin Luthers 95 theses which started the protestant reformation.

Luther was protesting against the Catholic church selling indulgences. Also other forms of corruption which he felt was present in the church. His original aim was to reform the church. But of course instead his action led to the formation of the breakaway protestant church.

Erasmus born 1466 died 1536 was a Dutch Catholic priest who was also critical of the Catholic church. He was strongly infavour of reforms. But unlike Luther he was in favour of reforming the Catholic church from the inside.

Luther adopted a harsh view that human souls could not save themselves but instead they could only be saved through the grace of gods grace. So people had no free will. However Erasmus disagreed with this. He felt that all people had free will to take action to save their souls.

Erasmus was a couple of hundred years ahead of his times. In that he was in favour of religious toleration between Catholics and protestants.

Martin Luther quickly became a spokesman for the new ruling elite in the protestant regions of Germany. He supported the brutal repression of the peasants revolt in 1525 led by Thomas Muntzer. Although Erasmus was also opposed to revolts from below by the masses.

My own personal view is that there was brutality on both sides after the reformation. There was also a great deal of intoleration. The thirty years war in the first half of the seventeenth century was the best example of this.

My own personal view is that it would have been best if Erasmus views had triumphed and the Catholic church was reformed in the early 16th century. So christian unity could have been maintained. However of course this did not happen.

So in conclusion I would say that in our present years 500 years after Martin Luther 95 theses. It is up to all christians of good will in all denominations to fight for social justice peace and equality.

God bless you all.


In in his latest blog I will try and make some predictions for 2017. Although I am sure that there will be some surprises in the world.

In Europe there will be a continued reaction against the EU.Geert Wilders could become the prime minister of the Netherlands and the five star movement could come to power in Italy.This could put both countries membership of the Euro currency under strain.Francois Fillon will almost certainly become president of France. Although his neo liberal policies could cause social tensions.

Here in Britain moves towards brexit will continue. Although the Tory government will lose some popularity due to the NHS crisis.

The big world event is of course Donald Trump taking over as president of the USA. He says he wants to improve relations with Russia which is good news. However his attitude towards China and Iran leave some cause for concern.

It looks like the Syria civil war may be coming to an end after the Russia,Turkey and Iranian recent agreement. This will be very good news indeed.

I will stick my neck out and predict a major financial crisis in October 2017. Due to the massive debt in the world financial system.

In conclusion keep fighting for peace and social justice and lets hope we make it through to 2018. God bless you all.


Without doubt 2016 has been a very eventful year which produced some major changes  in the world that surprised some people. However not myself.

The two major changes  in the world were of course Brexit and Donald Trumps election as President of the USA. Both of these two changes were correctly predicted by myself.

The first change Brexit, Britain,s  vote to leave the European Union is a decision which I very much welcomed as I feel that the EU is becoming a technocratic fascist dictatorship which overides the national sovereignty of national parliaments. I myself participated in LEXIT the left leave the EU campaign.

Without doubt there is a growing revolt  in EU member states against the EU dictatorship. The 59% to 41% defeat for the Italian government in the recent referendum was a major setback for the EU technocrats in 2016. I am sure that there will be many more in 2017.

The other big major change in the world was of course Donald Trumps  election as President of the United States of America. I myself was not at all surprised by Trumps  victory in fact I predicted it to other sceptical people early in 2016. Clinton was seen as a corrupt war monger by many people.

Trump has stated that he wants good relations with Russia, this change is very much to be welcomed. Although Trumps  attitude to China an Iran seem more worrying. On the whole it seems as if Trump will adopt a less military inteventionist approach. If he does adopt this approach this will again be very welcome.

On a perhaps positive side it looks like that the Syrian civil war may be nearing its end. Particularly now that Russia and Turkey have agreed to work for peace in Syria again a very welcome event. Perhaps President Assad can now hold peace talks with the non violent elements of the opposition now that the  jihadists who were foolishly supported by some western countries  have been  almost  been defeated.

So in conclusion there are perhaps some grounds for hope at the end of 2016?

In my next blog to be published on 1/1/2017 I will look at what may happen in 2017.

Best wishes to all.


This Christmas I feel has an interesting spirit and energy connected to it. At the Christmas events that I have attended there is a sense of I am going to enjoy and let my hair down whatever the consequences. This is a very different atmosphere from previous  Xmas years when there has been a feeling of controlled celebrations.

We are living in tense and trying times. A world controlled by a war mongering corporate elite. However this festive season as I have already stated there is a sense that we are going to enjoy ourselves come what may.

The world is in a sense of transition with new leaders taking over. Donald Trump in the USA and Francois   Fillon almost certainly the  next president  of France being the obvious examples. Both leaders have stated that they want better relations with Russia so lets hope they choose the path of peace.

One thing that life and my spiritual mentor Eckhart  Tolle has taught me is to concentrate on the present moment and not the past or the future.

In the future we should of course fight for a better world. But for period between now and the new year take in the magic of Christmas and have some fun. Enjoy yourself in a spiritual and fun loving way.

Enjoy Christmas and god bless you all.


In this latest somewhat controversial blog. I will put forward the view that nowadays you cannot just apply the label of fascist to far right groups. But instead the term fascist is much more complex nowadays. The term must also be applied to corporate and globalist fascists who want to make individual countries national sovereignty irrelevant. The countries instead would be dictated to by undemocratic transnational fascist institutions like the European Union.

It is quite right to still call some far right groups like the British National Front fascist. This group wants to expel from Britain non white people who were born in Britain. This groups political views are outrageous. However it is ridiculous to state that right wing nationalist populist groups like UKIP Britain and Alternative for Germany are fascist.

However we now move onto the controversial part of this blog. The term fascist must nowadays be applied to corporate and globalist fascists who are outwardly members of democratic political party,s.

For instance corporate fascists support TTIP and want to have mega multinational corporations  have supreme power of sovereign national governments. Also globalist fascists want to make individual countries national parliaments irrelevant. These countries instead would be dictated to by groups like  the EU commission.

Examples of globalist fascists are Jeroen Disselbloem the EU finance minsister who astonishingly  is a member of the Netherlands Labour Party. He seems to want  to make the EU countries national parliaments irrelevant. He also supports compulsory privatization. Martin  Schulz the German SPD chair of the EU  parliament is another example of a globalist fascist along with Donald Tusk.

Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel from the EU  Christian Democratic movement must be considered corporate fascists. They seem to want to make countries national sovereignty irrelevant.

It is perhaps not surprising that many people in EU countries are turning to right wing nationalist populist party,s. As many left wing political party,s are spineless and  support neo liberalism, privatization and the EU dictatorship. However as I have stated in my recent blogs we need to build a socialist, left anti globalist, EU movement to fight the corporate and globalist fascists and their fake left allies.

In conclusion best wishes to all for the future and god bless you.