In this latest blog as an anti globalist, anti EU socialist I will explain why we still still need a hard brexit.

After the surprise hung parliament election result of 8/6/17 some political commentators are saying that there should be a political compromise. They accept that Britain will leave the EU but there should be a soft brexit with Britain staying in the single market.

In my opinion as a socialist this would be a disastrous decision. Being in the EU single market means accepting EU regulations relating to labour flexibility regulations, privatization and rules that place limits on countries budget deficits. Just look at the way the EU is treating Greece. Also the vicious attacks that the Macron government is planning on the French workers labour rights.

The EU is an evil globalist corporate fascist tyranny. That takes its orders from the European round table of industrialists. Britain is much better off outside of the EU fully.

Also if Britain remained in the single market. A future Labour government would not be able to carry out its public ownership policies.

Besides this if Britain did stay in the single market regulations. Then there would quickly be a revival of support for UKIP or some other far right party particularly amongst the working class.

So in conclusion as an anti globalist, anti EU socialist I say Britain must back a hard brexit.

Best wishes to all.



The final result of the British general election held on the 8/6/2017 was without doubt a surprise, 318 Conservative MPS elected and 262 Labour. Also significantly Labour were only 2.4 % behind in the popular vote, Tories 42.4 and Labour 40.00%. This was a far cry from the first opinion poll giving the Conservatives a 24% lead.

Although Labour did not win the election, I feel that they are the party who have gained most from the election. They are also perhaps well placed to win the next election if as I expect there is a major economic crisis. Of course I could be wrong.

The general election results raise a number of key points which I will now look at.

Firstly it showed the growing influence of the alternative media. The corporate printed media overwhelmingly supported the Tories in the election. However many people particularly young people obtained their information about the election from the alternative media. This is a very encouraging sign.

Secondly there was a mass mobilization to vote amongst young people. Overwhelmingly for the Labour party.

Thirdly Britain seems to be reverting back to two party politics of Labour and conservative. Obtaining 40% and 42.4% of the vote each.

Fourthly the major reason for the political mobilization amongst young people is there economic circumstances. High student debt, little chance of buying property or getting a council flat and the prospect of temporary insecure employment.

Fifthly Labour electoral advance is a victory for left wing elements in the party. As I suspect that Right wing elements in the party were hoping privately for a big Labour defeat. So that the right wing could take control of the party.

Sixthly. Labour radical programme shows that you do not have to adopt a middle of the road programme. As a radical programme can appeal to a large section of the electorate.

However I personally still feel that we must try and build a socialist alternative to the Labour party. As Labour MPS tend to swing towards the right once they are in parliament for a certain period of time.

In conclusion the election result does offer hope for the future. It shows that mass mobilization particularly amongst young people can have a political impact. So lets try and build a radical socialist movement for the future.

Best wishes to all.


Further to a previous blog on the UK election on the 8/6/17. It now looks like that the result will be much closer than was previously expected. A poll when the election was first called gave the Conservatives a 24% lead. However the latest opinion poll gives them a 5% lead. Although I am certain that the Conservatives will win the election, it seems as if the result will not be the disaster for the Labour party as was originally expected. To the dismay of many Blairites in the Labour Party.

Now experience has taught me not to trust politicians. I don,t trust the Conservatives. As a socialist I will give a critical vote for the Labour Party on 8/6/17. However to be blunt I do not go along with the hero worship for Jeremy Corbyn. He has performed U turns on the EU and trident and I am sure that he will perform many more U turns if he does become Prime Minister.

So my personal experience has told me that we need to build a mass movement from below for world peace and social change independent of the political party,s. So I suggest that right after the election on 8/6/17, whatever the result you get busy in your trade unions, community groups and peace groups and help buld a mass movement from below to put pressure on the politicans.

God bless you all.


The election of Emmanuel Macron as France,s new President is without doubt a very clever advertising con trick. As he is a continuation of the disastrous policies of Francois Hollande the previous ‘Socialist’ Party President. In other words old wine wrapped up in a new bottle.

He is a former banker whose political background is the extreme right wing of the French ‘Socialist’ Party. He stated some time ago that he no longer considers himself a Socialist. He obviously never was.

As President Macron will subordinate Frances,s policies to that of the EU. He is a is a corporate neo liberal globalist. There is a certain amount of truth in the view that Anglea Merkel is the real new President of France.

Macron will continue the Pro EU corporate neo liberal policies of Hollande. More privatization, social security benefit cuts and ‘labour reforms. So as to attack workers living standards.

His main weakness as President is that he is very unlikely to have a parliamentary majority after the legislative elections in June 2017. So he will be a weak and unstable President.

I am confident that within two years Macron will be extremely unpopular. His opinion poll approval rating will be like that of Francois Hollande 8%.

It is up to the French working class and and trade unions to organize resistance to Macron,s anti working class, globalist pro corporate neo liberal policies. They must turn Macron,s weakness to their advantage.

Best wishes to all.


The government decision to call a general election on the 8/6/2017 is in my view a strange and very worrying decision. The Labour party decision to support holding a general election is in my opinion a major tactical mistake.

Firstly the Conservative government already has a 17 seat majority. So there is no need to call an election. So we need to ask the question why did the government call the election?

In my personal opinion there is only one major reason for this. There is very bad economic news on the way. I personally expect that this will be a major economic crash and financial crisis. This being due to the massive debt in the financial system. With a big new parliamentary majority the new Tory government will be able to make the working classes pay for the economic crisis. Also they will be able to give big financial bailouts to their big finance friends.

The Labour party decision to support holding an election is in my opinion a major tactical error. As they are about 18% behind in the opinion polls. They should have blocked the call for a general election until 2020.

The Conservatives will easily win the election helped by a mainly pro Conservative media. The new government will of course carry out big attacks on social and welfare spending.

The Labour party after a heavy loss in the election will probably swing massively towards the right. This is why I believe that we need to build a new socialist party outside the Labour party. As socialists cannot coexist in the same party as the Labour right wing.

After the election on 8/6/2017 the future in Britain will in my opinion be quite bleak and grim. I personally support a socialist brexit. But we now have a largely tame and social passive population in Britain and very weak trade unions. Of course a small percentage of the population my self included will resist the new world financial oligarchy. But alas most people will tamely acquiesce.

Indeed a very bleak and grim future for Britain.

God bless you all.


The French presidential election which will take place in two stages in late April and early May 2017 is without doubt a very depressing spectacle. The main highlight as far as I can see is the acceptance of neo liberalism by the French left.

I will now look at the five main candidates and will give you some personal comments on the candidates.

Firstly Benoit Hamman the candidate of the French socialist party is hampered by the disastrous record of the presidency of Francois Hollande. He claims to be from the left wing of the party, however I cannot see anything left wing about him. He seems to adopt a personal identity stance on politics. Legalise cannabis and euthanasia which I am personally opposed to. There is no mention of public ownership, he just supports a basic income of 800.00 euros a month which is nothing really. Hammon has little chance of making the top two run off.

Francois Fillon the main right wing candidate supports a neo liberal programme. He wants to sack half a miilion civil servants. His only reediming factor is that he wants good relations with Russia. However he has been hampered by a financial scandal.

Jean Luc Melenchon the Left front candidate has a few good policies such as leave NATO although for some reason he wants to bring back conscription. He wants to redistribute wealth through higher taxation, however there is no mention of public ownership in his programme. Foolishly he thinks that you can reform the EU and the Euro currency from the inside. He is sadly mistaken regarding this.

The two other candidates are the favourites two make the final stage run off.

Marine Le Pen the National Front candidate is a populist nationalist. I would not describe her as a fascist as some people would. She is in favour of France leaving NATO and the EU which are of course good policies. She also wants good relations with Russia. She may be anti globalist but there is still a question mark regarding rascism about her.

Emmanuel Macron the favourite to win is the worst of all five candidates. He originates from the extreme right wing of the French socialist party. He is a neo conservative, globalist, corporate fascist war monger. He is in favour of major attacks on the French working class. However if he is elected president he may face a hostile majority in the legislative assembly.

In conclusion what this depressing spectacle shows is the need to build an anti capitalist anti globalist left. Personally I cannot recommend support for any of the five canidates.


The heroic exploits of Sutton United and Lincoln City in this years FA Cup has captured the hearts of much of England. Lincoln being the first non league team to reach the quarter final of the FA cup since 1914.

Now myself I must confess that non league football is totally in my blood. I supported Enfield FC giants of English non league football until it was replaced by Enfield 1893, who in fact are still my favourite team.

In the last 20 or so years some of non leagues famous teams have died. Walthamstow Avenue and Leytonsone to name two. Others such as Hendon and Enfield have lost their grounds. These clubs being the victims of the club owners selling the grounds.

Of course nowadays many soccer fans are attracted to support the corporate giant teams such as Chelsea and Manchester United. These teams have fans who live along way from the clubs stadiums.

However in my opinion there is a great deal to be gained from supporting your local non league team. They are connected and rooted in the local community. Also the standard of play is quite good,the non league teams success in the FA cup confirms this. There is also a much greater friendship and togetherness amongst the fans as they can meet together in the club bar after the game. Also they tend to live in the area of the clubs ground.

Many non league teams are of course poorly supported and are struggling to survive. This can particularly apply to fan owned clubs as they do not have wealthy owners.

So in conclusion. I say get along to your local towns local non league football teams next match and become regular supporters of the team. Every non league team in England deserves to prosper and survive.