The reactionary Conservative government are introducing a minimum services bill in relation to strikes in certain sections of employment. These include transport,border security,national health service,education and nuclear power.

Under the legislation workers have to provide a minimum level of service in the above mentioned employment sectors during strikes. Trade unions can be fined for not complying with this legislation.

Of course the aim of this legislation is to make strikes totally ineffective. It is a vicious attack on both the working class and trade unions, Britain is undergoing a very much to be welcomed strike wave. Inflation is running at 11%, gas prices have increased by 54%, it is understandable that many workers are going on strike to obtain wage increases in line with the rate of inflation.

The key question is what should trade unions do to defy this anti working class legislation. My personal view is a campaign of prolonged unofficial guerrilla strike action in the sectors covered by the legislation.

Britain is facing a major economic crisis. The corporate elite are trying to shift the blame and burden of the crisis onto the working class.

So I say to all trade unionists in the sectors covered by the legislation form unofficial strike committees to resist this anti working class anti trade union law.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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