My second blog of 2023 is for once on a more light hearted subject. Feeding the squirrels in my garden.

My Central London basement flat garden has always been regularly visited by grey squirrels. In recent times my neighbours three cats have adopted a very much to be welcomed live and let live attitude towards the squirrels. In turn the squirrels just ignore them.

According to wikipedia sadly many squirrels die in their first year. However those that live past their first year can live until the age of ten. They mainly live on a vegetarian diet.

The squirrels in my garden walk mainly in zig zag movements. Perhaps this is their natural instinct to ward off predators.

To myself they have a sense of vulnerability, particularly in the Winter. They lift their front two feet to beg for food and search for food in my garden in a state of desperation. Thus my inner self tells me to give the Squirrels a daily diet of monkey nuts. For some reason they do not acknowledge my good deed. Again perhaps this is just their instinct.

But I have a sense of inner pleasure that I am helping these innocent squirrels. So in conclusion if you have squirrels in your garden why not consider giving them a daily diet of monkey nuts?

Best wishes to all for the future.


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