In my final blog of 2022 I will try and predict what may happen in 2023.

Sorry to be miserable but I expect both 2023 and 2024 to be a continuation of 2022. However they may be a change in 2025.

Firstly on the international stage I expect the conflict between the Western imperialist powers and the Russia/China alliance to intensify in both a political and military sense. Let us hope that it does not lead to world war three in 2023. I expect the military conflict in the Ukraine to continue in 2023.

Secondly I expect the world economic crisis to deteriorate in 2023. There could be food shortages even in Western Europe. I expect inflation to remain high.Thirdly I suspect that Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum fascists may try and introduce their ‘great reset’ in 2023. This must be resisted by democractic forces with all of their might.

I do not expect there to be any major lockdowns in 2023. However people should keep their eyes open for the excess death rates at the end of 2023. There were thirty nine thousand in 2022. If they are much larger at the end of 2023 this will show that people are dying due to the affects of the covid vaccine.

Here in the UK I expect Starmers ‘Labour’ party to maintain their big lead in the opinion polls. However, I have a hunch that the Reform party,s support in the opinion polls may increase considerably in 2023. I expect the strike wave in the UK to increase in 2023. All strikes by Trade Unionists to defend their standard of living should be fully supported.

In conclusion, of course there will be some unpredictable surprises in 2023. But the main thing is that people fight for peace,justice.equality and freedom against the corporate globalist fascist war mongering elite.

Best wishes to all for the future. Have a happy 2023.


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