2022 in my opinion can be summed up in one word turbulence. Dominated by the war in the Ukraine, as well as the growing political and economic instability

Firstly the war in the Ukraine the story that has dominated the world news in 2022. My views on the war are well known. The blame for the war must be laid at American imperialism. They were responsible for the 2014 fascist coup against the Ukraine,s democratically elected President. In my view the western imperialist powers want to control the Ukraine as as a base to attack Russia itself.

However this has backfired on the western powers. As Russia is no longer supplying them with gas leading the huge gas price increases, 54% here in the UK. It has also led to a rapid increase in inflation in the west. 10% here in the UK.

Also Russia has largely disconnected itself economically from the west. It now does most of its trade with China and the countries of the Shanghai Economic Cooperation Council.The Russian economy is doing quite well.

Turning to other issues the economic crisis has led to the spectacle of three prime ministers in as many months in the UK. As an anti globalist anti new world order socialist who was opposed to lockdowns. Although I am opposed to Boris Johnson I do not think that should have had to resign for breaking the lockdown ‘rules’

Sticking to the UK the ‘Labour’ party has now built up a huge lead in the opinion polls of between about 15% and 25%. This is only because the Conservative government is so much despised not because the ‘Labour’ party is popular

Alas 2022 will be remembered for the growing political and military conflict between the western imperialist powers and the Russia/China alliance. The world is now increasingly divided into three rival blocks,the non aligned, the western imperialist powers and the Russia/China alliance. However the west is clearly very much a declining economic power.

On a brighter note I thought that the Qatar football world cup was a huge success. Well done to Argentine worthy world cup winners. Lets look forward to the Cricket and Rugby world cup in 2023.

In my next blog in a few days. I will try and predict what may happen in 2023.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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