This latest blog looks at the current British political situation at the end of 2022.

Surprisingly the ‘Labour’ Party led by the reactionary Keir Starmer has taken a huge lead over the Conservatives in the opinion polls of between 21% and 27%. However as I will argue this lead is not based on the popularity of Starmers ‘Labour’ Party but is instead based on the intense hatred of the present Conservative government.

Britain is a country in both political and economic crisis. Inflation is now running at 11%, gas bills are increasing on average by 54%. Surprise surprise gas company profits are soaring. Also food prices are expected to soar in 2023. No wonder this Conservative government is hated.

But looking deeper Starmers ‘Labour’ is not really that popular. He only has a small lead over Sunak in terms of popularity. Surprisingly one poll gave the Conservatives a small lead over ‘Labour’ in terms of economic competence. So in reality neither of the two main party’s are really that popular.

The Trilateral Commission Starmer has said that hard economic decisions will have to be made by a future ‘Labour’ government. This means make the working class pay for the economic crisis. He has refused to support public ownership of the gas and electricity companies.

One of the few encouraging signs has been the massive increase in strikes in Britain in the last year. This interestingly includes strikes in the private sector.

The Liberal Democrats and the Green Party are both on low opinion poll ratings. They have nothing really to offer. The Reform Party are on about 5% in the opinion polls. However, I have a hunch this will increase in the next year as some voters will turn to them.

As an anti globalist anti new world order socialist. I personally feel that we must build a mass anti globalist anti new world order socialist movement in Britain. Alas at present there is little sign of this happening at present.

However, providing world war three does not intervene. I will stick my neck out and predict that Starmers ‘Labour’ Party will win the next election which will probably be held in late 2024. This will be due to the fact that the Conservative government is now so widely hated. However his government will have nothing to offer the working class. In fact it will be up to the working class and the trade unions to fight back against any attacks that Starmers government will make on them.

In conclusion in these turbulent times may I wish all readers of this blog a very happy Christmas and I offer you all my customary best wishes for the future.

God bless you all.


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