December approaches the month of Xmas. Christmas 2022.
The leaves gather on the ground.
To some a certain magic abounds.

Christmas all things to mankind.
To some a month of joy.
To others the mystic of the saviours birth.
The three wise men following the heavenly star.

To many a time of grief,of financial woe.
To pay for gifts for children which parents hearts cannot say no.

The extended family get together.
Where old animosities must be put aside, for a nice pleasant veneer.

Some souls prefer to play the lone wolf.
Reflect on the season alone.

Meditate on the past year and sigh, oh it has so quickly passed by
Plead for help in times to come by.
2023, a time perhaps of troublesome strife.

Christmas 2022 is approaching.
Written by KO 16/11/2022.
Comment. This is my very latest poem.

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