So you thought you could overcome our elite globalist plans.
Brexit alas did run our plans into the sands.

Pro Brexit  Lexit Marxists realize the EU is the rule of the capitalist markets.
Now post modernist Marxists we can accept. 
Tsipras Syriza Greece mass privatization gets our full accepts.

The EU referendum vote went the wrong way.
So second, third, fourth referendum until the EU gets its day.

The anti globalists think that they can overcome our plans.
They think that national democracies can put our ideas into the sands.

Ha, Ha, Ha.

We are not going away.
The international globalist one world government capitalist dictatorship
is still on its way.

Synarchy rules the world.

Written by KO on 5/7/2018.

Comment. Although mercifully  the UK did eventually leave the EU.
I feel that the subject of this poem is sill very relevant towards our present time. With the Davos World Economic Forum Led by Klaus Schwab  still trying to implement their corporate globalist fascist economic' great reset'.


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