Liz Truss the present Foreign Secretary is almost certain to become the United Kingdom,s next prime Minister around about the 5/9/22 when the leadership ballot result of Conservative party members will be announced. In the latest opinion poll of party members published on the 13/8/22 she leads Riki Sunak by 61% to 39%. This is surprising as she campaigned to stay in the EU during the referendum whilst Sunak campaigned to leave. In this blog I will argue that Truss will be totally overwhelmed by economic events in the next few months and she will soon become a lame duck Prime Minister.

The daughter of ‘left’ wing parents Truss was a member of both the Liberal Democrats and the CND whilst at university. However in 1998 she joined the Conservatives, in 2006 she was elected as a councillor in the London Borough of Greenwich. In 2010 she was elected member of parliament for South West Norfolk. In 2014 she was appointed Environment Secretary,she held various government jobs before being appointed Foreign Secretary in 2021.

In many ways Truss is ideally suited for the role of Prime Minister in our present time. She will fit in very well with the current bunch of western psychopathic war monger leaders. Truss like to be seen driving tanks. But she is a typical chickenhawk. She likes to make aggressive threats to Russia and China. She praised Israel,s attack on Gaza last week. However, she would not go any where near a real battlefield and the fear of death.

However I will now put forward the view that she will quickly be overwhelmed by events when she becomes prime minister, events that she will not be able to handle. By this I mean the rapidly growing world economic crisis. This Winter will almost certainly see growing food shortages,price increases and quite likely power cuts. As well as the huge energy bill increases. Keir Starmer the pathetic leader of the ‘Labour’ Party will also not be able to deal with this economic crisis.

On a positive not their is the growing workers militancy and rising strike wave here in the UK. Also the growing campaign for people to refuse to pay their gas and electricity bills. This campaign and the growing strike wave is very much to be welcomed. Its seems that here in the UK there is the start of a fightback against the corporate globalist elite.

Truss is an economic ‘libertarian’ who promotes an i/m all right jack ideology. It is essential that as many people join the fight back against her government. Either by taking part in strikes or else refusing to pay energy bills. We cannot trust any politician either Conservative. ‘Labour’ or any other party.

So in conclusion join this resistance against the Truss government. Fight for peace,justice, equality band socialism.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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