The Italian government fell on the 20/7/22. After the Five Star, Lega and Forza political party,s withdrew their support for the government of Mario Draghi. The reason was because of a disagreement over an economic aid package. So President Sergio Mattarella called a general election for the 25/9/22. Italy like many other countries is suffering from growing political instability this is due to the growing world economic crisis.

The big talking is the rise of the hard right Brothers of Italy led by Giorgia Meloni. It polled 4% in the election held in 2018. But it is now neck and neck in the race for first place with the Blairite’ Democratic Party.

Brothers of Italy tries to make out that it is an anti globalist party that will defend Italian national interests against the EU. However Salvini,s Lega party used to have this policy. But now that they are in government they are lapdogs of the EU.

Meloni is now backing sending western imperialist powers weapons to Ukraine. Her stance on defending Italian national interests is fake just like Salvini Lega party,s is. She is neither in favour of Italy leaving the EU or of leaving the Euro currency.

So alas after the election of 25/9/22. My prediction is that nothing will change in Italy. Brothers of Italy may become part of the Italian government. But they will have to agree to Italy still being controlled by the EU globalist forces which I am sure that they will do for a little slice of power. So alas nothing of consequence will change after the Italian general election of 25/9/22.

The only real long term hope for Italy is to leave both the EU and NATO. Also to build an anti globalist anti EU socialist movement in Italy.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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