Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister on the 7/7/2022 due to widespread pressure from Conservative members of parliament. Firstly over partygate. The breaking of lockdown regulations at the time of Christmas 2020. Secondly regarding the Conservative member of parliament Chris Pincher who has been accused of groping other members of parliament. Boris Johnson was accused of not acting on these allegations and retained Pincher as a government whip in parliament.

Regarding the first issue people who know me well know that I am very strongly opposed to lockdowns. So the partygate issue quite frankly bored me stiff. Regarding the second issue the Pincher affair does suggest a serious error of judgement by Johnson.

However the Johnson resignation raises a number of issues that need to be discussed. Firstly is there more to his resignation than meets the eye. Was it a deep state act? Personally I doubt it. Johnson is an out an out war monger in relation to Russia and also China. So he is fully on board with the western imperialist war project.

It is true that he did support Brexit. But he has never been an anti globalist. Broadly supporting neo liberalism. I do not think that his support for Brexit had any role in the resignation. Many of the staunch pro Brexit Conservative members of parliament were among those calling for him to resign.

As regards the lockdowns. It is true that the United Kingdom is now amongst the freest countries in the world in relation to lockdowns, vaccine passports and mandates. But I feel that this is not due to the Johnson government. But rather it is due to all those brave people who took part in the mass demonstrations against lockdowns, and vaccine passports and mandates. Some of the demonstrations attracting over one million people.

I think that most Conservative members of parliament had just lost confidence in Johnson as Prime Minister it is as simple as that. However some ‘liberal left’ types are rejoicing at Johnson resignation. However I personally find the whole resignation affair disinteresting.

Whoever takes over as Prime Minister you will still get the same neo liberal corporate globalist policies. This also applies if the ‘Labour’ party soon come to power whether led by Starmer,Nandy or Burnham. So nothing of substance will change another the next Prime Minister.

What I personally feel is required is to build a new political party in Britain that is anti globalist,anti corporate rule and is pro socialist. It must be outside of the ‘Labour’ party. Only by building this new political party can real change be brought about in this country.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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