Some people may find the title of this latest blog puzzling. But I will explain in this latest blog that socialism and left wing views are no longer the same nowadays.

I was first given the idea of the blog by George Galloway the leader of the Workers Party of Britain. He has stated that the views of authentic socialists and people who claim to be ‘left’ wing are nowadays quite often not the same. George is one of the few politicians who I have any respect for nowadays. Although I am sure that the total contempt for the political class is widely held nowadays.

Authentic socialists believe in social equality. They are for progressive income tax. Public ownership of many enterprises. Also they take a principled stance against western imperialism.

However, on the other hand many people who claim to be ‘left’ wing are not socialists. They are liberals. they mainly support personal identity politics. Also they are elite globalists, for instance pro EU. They say that they people who voted to leave the EU did not understand what they were voting for.

Also they often dismiss the concerns of experts like Dr Michael Yeadon and Dr Robert Malone who raises concerns about the safety of the covid vaccines. Stating that these experts do not know what they are talking about.

These liberal are quite often opposed towards moves towards social equality. For instance higher taxes on wealthy people. The reason for this is that they are quite often from financially well off backgrounds. So they will suffer from higher taxes. Often these liberals adopt fake ‘concerns’ about climate change.

So nowadays there is clearly often a distinct difference between the views of authentic socialists and people who claim to be ‘left’ wing. So nowadays authentic socialists in my opinion should just describe themselves as socialists and not ‘left’ wing. Authentic socialists should fight for a world of equality,peace,justice, freedom and the power of countries national parliaments over globalist fascist institutions like the European Union and the World Economic Forum.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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