The year 2021 can be summed I feel with the following word dystopia. Still dominated by the covid events, the threat of a growing world economic crisis and increasing international tensions.

A major event has of course been Joe Biden taking over as president of the USA in January 2021. His presidency has led to increasing aggression by the western imperialist powers against Russia and China. I predicted that this would happen when Biden first took over as president.

There are two other main stories of 2021. Firstly the growing economic crisis, particularly the large fuel price increases and rising inflation. There is also the attempt by the World Economic Forum led by the German fascist Klaus Schwab to impose its totalitarian ‘great economic reset’ on the world. So far they have been unsuccessful but I am sure that they will continue trying to implement the ‘great reset’ in 2022.

Regarding the covid events to be really honest I just cannot believe what is happening in some countries. Mandatory vaccines in Austria. In Germany unvaccinated people are banned from public transport and many shops. In Greece people over aged 60 who do not have the vaccine are fined sixty Euros a month. Pure totalitarian fascism.

Interestingly under the mandatory vaccine regulations countries that impose mandatory vaccines.People are not physically being forced to have the vaccine.The unvaccinated are being fined. So this policy of mandatory vaccines is just a money making scam.

However here in Britain there have been some positive reactions to the covid events. The regular demonstrations against lockdowns and vaccine passports. Particularly the two demonstrations in London in May and June 2021 each of over one million people. I am proud to have attended these two demonstrations and most of the other demonstrations in London in 2021. Of course other European countries have had these type of demonstrations but none as large as Britain.

On the international stage there have been some positive changes. Firstly in Honduras the fantastic victory in the presidential election for the socialist Xiomara Castro in the November election.This was a fantastic kick in the teeth for Hillary Clinton and her 2009 fascist coup in Honduras.

Also in Nicaragua the Sandinistas recent landslide presidential election victory, also the landslide victory for Gabriel Boric in the recent Chilean presidential election victory. Finally in Venezuela the United Socialist party winning 23 of 25 state governorship elections.

Turning to the UK the prime minister Boris Johnson has now lost much of his popularity due to his perceived handling of the covid events recently. The Labour party led by the shallow right wing Keir Starmer in my personal view does not offer much of an alternative to the Conservatives

So in conclusion there has been some resistance to the covid fascism this year.Particularly here in Britain. Also there have been some recent positive political changes in Latin America In my next blog to be published in a couple of days I will look at what may happen in 2022.

Best wishes to all for the future.


1 thought on “THAT WAS THE YEAR THAT WAS 2021.

  1. Generally, those who believe conspiracy theories tend to think climate change is a hoax when we know it real and happening now. Fossil fuel corporations have consistently tried to discredit the whole concept of climate change including promoting the idea that it is all part of a conspiracy.

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