As most of you who know me well will know that as some sort of Christian, the period leading up to Christmas day is my favourite time of the year. There has in my personal view always been a sense of magic about this period.

Alas we are living in very dystopian times since the start of the corona events in December 2019. With lockdowns, vaccine passports, covid tests. Also the totalitarian threat of mandatory vaccines. Added to this is the coming threat of economic uncertainty. The rising inflation, gas price increases and food shortages.

Regarding the traditional churches role in Christmas since the start of the covid period. I feel that criticisms are justified of their role. Going along with the closing of churches during lockdowns. Agreeing to facemasks being worn in church services. How can people take part in the liturgy in church services wearing facemasks? My local church will not allow me into the service without a mask. Even if I show them my exemption badge.

So those people who want to connect to this Christian festival of Jesus birth may just want to do so on a personal level this year. This is I know perhaps is a sad thing to say. As I feel the churches have been too compliant with the authorities during the covid period.

Despite the covid events Christmas is still a time of hope. I would suggest that this Christmas people meditate twice a day focussing on Jesus. If you can get some pictures of Jesus to use during the meditations it would be excellent.

Also I would suggest asking Jesus for help in our fight against the dark forces of the new world order. We must use the positive energy of Christmas in our fight against these dark forces.

In conclusion. Enjoy the build up to Christmas. If you do have Christian leanings then focus on Jesus birth. But use the Christmas period as a guide to fight for a world of freedom, justice and peace.

God bless you all.


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