The aged couple sit round the table,their best days long gone.
They count their weekly pensions and worriedly budget for the 
week ahead.

Inwardly both hark back to better days that they enjoyed in their younger 
years, when in full time work they managed to make a reasonable existence.
When they could even afford a two weeks holiday in Benidorm.
But like so many other people they did not put money aside for a rainy day.

But alas, that rainy day is now well and truly upon this couple
sitting around the table in their cold winter living room.
As they try to budget to pay the dreaded electricity bill,
that has just arrived through the letter box.

The feel bitter about a world that does not seem to want to know or care
about them any more.
Their children who are totally involved in their own world no longer want to know about their now distanced parents.

This then is the existence of a couple who cannot afford the comforts of 
life, nor the things that make life worth living.
Now that their working days are over the system no longer needs them anymore. 

Written by KO. 1986.

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