It's a rainy Summer afternoon
when I myself am full of gloom.
Strolling discontentedly into Boots
with just enough essential loots.
For one main purchase to make.
Some of that Macleans  toothpaste.

Now with the purchase easily found.
I decide to wander around.
To see what I might one day buy.
As I wonder and sigh!
If only I could come into some
regular money.
But I notice something that's not funny.
I'm being watched by the security guard.

He stares at me as if I am acting suspicious.
But the way he is looking I think he is acting 
In fact he is making me rather ill.
So I hurriedly wander to the till.
To pay for the Macleans toothpaste
and leave the shop in great haste.

Written by KO- October 1992.


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