In this latest blog I will take a look at the local elections results in England on the 6/5/21 and the Wales and Scotland parliament elections on the same day. It is important to analysis the results held in these very strange dystopian times.

Firstly in England as expected the Conservatives made massive gains from Labour in the local elections results. Mainly in the North of England. Their are two reasons for this. Firstly, working class voters still distrust Labour on Brexit, they see Labour as a liberal globalist party. Secondly under Starmer Labour have put forward no credible policies whatsoever.

Also alas both the right wing and the ‘left’ wing of the party have largely accepted the official narrative of lockdowns and the resulting restrictions on civil liberties and movement. The only rare good results for Labour were the mayoral victories in London, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

For somebody who has attended virtually all of the anti lockdown demonstrations. I was disappointed but not surprised by the low vote for Piers Corbyn in the London mayor election.I personally voted for Piers for mayor and Let London Live in the London GLA elections.

To make things even worse for the Labour party. They lost a bye election held in the parliamentary seat of Hartlepool on the 6/5/21. A Labour majority of 3500.00 in the last general election was turned into a near 7000.00 Conservative majority.

The only other bright aspect for Labour was their surprising good performance in the Wales parliament election. Labour,s result in Wales was much better than expected.

In the Scotland parliament elections the results went very much as expected in relation to the opinion polls. The SNP were just one seat short of an overall majority. Although there is a clear pro independence majority in the Scottish parliament. The issue of a second Scottish independence referendum will probably be decided by the UK Supreme Court.

I suspect that Boris Johnson and the Conservative party are in for a quite easy victory at the next election when it is held in 2023 or 2024. The Labour party seems to be shallow and have no deep principles now. They seem a liberal globalist party to the core.

Summing up I do not see any good coming out of what I consider to be the pre planned Event 201 corona events. We seem to be heading for a technocratic authoritarian dictatorship which the herd masses seem to be going along with. Our only hope must be in the 20% or so of the UK population who oppose the fascist lockdowns and the half a million or so people who attended the anti lockdown demonstration in London on the 24/4/21.

I do not see any left wing political revival here in the UK or in other European countries. Alas here in the UK most of the left have gone along with the official narrative on the lockdowns and corona events.

In conclusion. I highly recommend reading the brilliant new book edited by the courageous former American congress women Cynthia McKinney, called. ‘ When China sneezes. From the coronavirus lockdown to the global economic crisis’. This book includes a brilliant article by Helen Buyniski called the post covid 19 world, a permanent dystopia. The book is published by Clarity Press.

Best wishes to all for the future.



  1. Any victory by any mainstream political party is a victory for the psychopathic dark cult. The majority of people have still to wake up to the fact that they are zombies to this cult & its agenda.

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