In my final blog of 2021. I will suggest alas that 2021 will be a year of turmoil and unpredictable events just like 2020 was.

Firstly,regarding the Biden presidency. Some people have suggested that Biden is a Chinese asset. Just like some people said that Donald trump was a Russian asset. In fact however, Trump adopted a hostile a hostile attitude to Russia imposing severe sanctions on Russia and trying to stop the Noord stream pipeline.

I expect a President Biden in fact to adopt a very hostile attitude to both Russia and China. Chinese is on course to become the world,s top economic and perhaps military power. We are in many respects in a similar situation now to August 1914 when the western powers went to war with Germany. If the first world war had not taken place Germany would have become the worlds dominant economic power.

Because of this I expect a big increase in tension between the western imperialist powers and both Russia and China in 2021. It is quite possible that Russia and China may also formalize an official military alliance in 2021.

Turning to the Corona events. I expect this situation to continue throughout most of 2021 and perhaps beyond. It is likely that new strains of Corona could be engineered in 2021. So that the global elites can implement Agenda 21.

Regarding the Corona vaccine on the 14/12/20 in the House of Commons that vaccines minister said that there would be no sanctions against people who refused to take the vaccine. Alas I would not be surprised if this situation changed throughout 2021.

Here in the UK I expect the Brexit situation to be resolved in early 2021. I also expect Boris Johnson to remain as Prime Minister throughout 2021. In Scotland if the parliament elections take place it is more than likely that the SNP will win over 50% of the votes which will give an impetus on their demand for a second independence referendum.

In general I suspect that 2021 will be a year of unpredictable events and turmoil. In fact I agree with the political journalist Peter Oborne that the decade up until 2030 will be a period of turmoil.

The important point is that people should be active in the fight against the corporate globalist fascist agenda. Also against Agenda 21.

So get busy fighting for peace, justice and equality. I strongly recommend that people consider subscribing to the Australian magazine New Dawn on line. It is in my opinion the best alternative magazine in the world.

Try and enjoy 2021. Lets hope that we all make it through to 2022.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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