I recently finished reading Volume one and two of Rudolf Steiner,s books the Karma of Untruthfulness. These two books are based on lectures that Steiner gave in December 1916 and January 1917 mainly at Dornach in Switzerland on the origins of the first world war. Also very importantly the secret role of what Steiner calls the western brotherhoods in other words mainly the Anglo American secret societies played in engineering the the war.

The book which I read included an introduction from Terry Boardman written in 2005,explaining how the deceit and lies of the western powers in the build up to the first world war were very relevant to the present time. Terry was of course talking about the year 2005. With the war and attack on Iraq based on false pretences and Anglo,American aggression throughout the world.

Reading the book in July 2020, it is obvious to me that Terry Boardmans analysis of 2005 is much more relevant to our present time 2020. With the lies and deceit of the Anglo,American powers and their aggression against Russia and China.

Steiner explained how Germany was encircled by an alliance of Britain, France and Russia so understandably felt very insecure. King Edward the seventh played a vital role in establishing the military alliance between Britain and France. Britain,s huge navy was of course a threat to Germany. Also as my blog of 2014 explains there is some evidence that the western powers may have played a role in facilitating the assassination of Prince Franz Ferdinand in the summer of 1914 so as to engineer the first world war. Steiner,s mentions this in his lectures.

His lectures also explain how prior to the first world war there was several years of an anti German hate campaign in the British and French media. Britain was betrayed as honest and noble but Germany was evil warlike and aggressive. However as Steiner points out Britain had an exploitative empire which dominated much of the world. Also ‘gallant little Belgium’ which Britain went to war for in August 1914 had a colony in African the’Belgian’ Congo where over ten million Congolese Africans were murdered by the Belgians.

Reading the lectures in the book I was struck by how very relevant they are to our present times the year 2020. The Anglo/American alliance is carrying out aggression throughout the world. They have also mounted a very severe hate campaign against Russia and China just like the hate campaign mounted against Germany in the build up to the first world war.

They portray Britain,the USA and it allies are noble. But Russia and China are a ‘threat to world peace’ and are war like. However Russia,s defence spending is only 10% of the USA. It is America which has military bases all over the world and is waging wars of aggression.

So the Anglo/American elite is using the same deceit and lies in 2020 as it did in the build up to the first world war. Let us hope that this does not lead to a military conflict with Russia and China.

In conclusion.I would urge as always people to get involved in anti war and anti corporate rule campaigns. Also consider subscribing to the excellent New View magazine where Terry Boardman still writes excellent articles.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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