In this latest blog I will speculate about what life will be like when the Corona Virus lockdown is eventually lifted?

Before I do this I will give my personal opinion on whether or not the virus is a biological weapon or else a natural virus. My personal hunch is that the Corona Virus is a biological weapon and not a naturally created virus. I concede that there is not conclusive proof to support my view. However, the reason that I hold this view is because in October 2019 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held a conference in New York called event 201. The object of this conference was to stimulate an exercise concerning a global Corona Virus pandemic. Two months after this conference the Corona Virus pandemic started. Coincidence?

However,regarding the subject of this blog life ‘after’ the lockdown once the virus eventually recedes. Alas I feel that we will be entering a much more controlled grim world. The government have given themselves widespread new powers to control people during the pandemic and I am sure that they will keep most of these powers ‘after’ the lockdown.

Regarding life after the lockdown. I will now speculate on the following outcomes.

1. The gradual elimination of cash in the next few years. Sweden is virtually a cashless society already. So when this happens governments will be able to check all of peoples currency transactions.

2.Compulsory vaccinations. An Orwellian outcome.

3.The European Union seems to be using the crisis to centralize its member states budgets due to an EU financial stimulus to ‘fight’ the economic recession created by the pandemic. It looks like that the EU superstate could only be a few years away.

4. Due to the lockdown many small business concerns will close down and go bankrupt. So more and more of trade will be in the hands of globalist corporations like Amazon. A very worrying trend.

5. It is not entirely impossible that some form of social distancing will remain permanently in place. So we will be living in a much more controlled society.

6. Military tension between the western imperialist powers and China will rapidly increase. As some western powers will try and blame China for the pandemic. Personally I think that the blame lies elsewhere. See my blog dated 28/10/2018. I correctly predicted that the western imperialist powers would develop a hate campaign against China in the next few years and I was correct in this point of view. Of course the anti Russia hate campaign will also continue.

7.Due to the lockdown unemployment will remain very high in the western world for some years due to the global recession. As a result of this right wing populist party,s will increase their support. Nowadays most ‘left’ wing political party,s just accept neo liberalism so do not have much to offer to the working class.

8. There will be financial bailouts for the rich corporations. However, negative interest rates for working class savers for their bank accounts. In short a much more unequal society.

9. We will be entering a much more conformist and controlled society. It seems as if people are reacting with fear and are accepting the need for greater government control of their lives. Astonishingly only 13% of the British population are opposed to the authoritarian act of compulsory face masks in shops. I have personally been quite depressed by the herd mentality that has developed amongst much of the population during the lockdown. It seems that the German philosopher Goethe following words were very true.’What little freedom people have fills them with fear that they seek out any and every means to get rid of it’.

In conclusion the small section of the population that seems to believe in human freedom and justice should be vigilant and question the motives of all future government actions due to the current emergency situation.

Keep fighting for peace,freedom and justice. Best wishes to all for the future.


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