I saw it in Palmers Green in a place quiet near.
The night was December so cold and clear.
As my eyes were wandered up to the sky.
There was something amazing on high.

I’ll never forget what was up in the air.
As I said to myself is it really there.
My eyes transfixed but it was true.
In a clear winter sky, which by day was blue.

But it really was there a space ship, a UFO.
Something which if you would have mentioned a day ago.
I would have only one thing said.
If you believe in that your not quite clear in the head.

It was amazing but true.
As my eyes to it were glued.
It sailed so effortlessly through the sky.

Clear to myself it was a space machine.
I knew it could only one thing mean.
That this machine in December 87.
Came from up in the heavens
and I knew with all my worth
That life existed on another earth.

Written 6/2/1997.

Afternote. The UFO sighting in Palmers Green in December 1987 led to me developing a life long interest in the subject of UFO,S and extraterrestrials.


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