My garden is a psychic battleground.
The grey squirrel,s versus the neighbour,s cats.

The squirrel sits on the garden fence.
Its the garden of friendship.
You see I feed the squirrel daily on peanuts.

There are three squirrel,s in all
and I know that they like me.
I can tell buy the look in their eyes.
That food brings love.

However, my squirrel friends
must be on constant alert to danger.
The reason next doors cats.

But have no fear.
The squirrel,s will not suffer
the same fate as being tortured to death like birds.

You see the squirrel can smell a cat a mile away.
The first smell of danger
and their off at 50 miles an hour.

The cat versus the squirrel.
Up the squirrel.

Written. KO. 25/1/2001.


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