2018 comes to an end and as usual i/m in a state of constant tiredness.
Chronic exhaustion alas is my constant condition.

Death door beckons.
There,s not much more I can do with my exhausted condition.
The sooner life is over the better.

Then on new years day 2019.
For some bizarre reason a strange feeling comes into my head.
Something that was crystal clear.

Damn your tiredness.
Damn your chronic exhaustion your going to live to your 166.

Yes i/m going to live to I am 166.
So there,s is still many more opportunities in my life.
Many more emotions to fulfill.
Wrongs to right and changes to fulfill.

Perhaps after extraterrestrial disclosure I could become an intergalactic healer and help our troubled world of ill health,injustice and blight.

So despite my tiredness I must try and shape up,cheer up.
There,s just so much more for me to achieve until I hit the bucket aged 166.

Written KO, 3/5/2019.


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