In this final blog of 2019 I will speculate about what may happen in 2020?

However before I do this may I say that in 2020 my blog will enter its tenth year I am very pleased with this achievement. I am also delighted by the big increase in the number of people viewing my blog in the last year. Also the positive comments on my facebook page about both the blogs and poems that I have written on the blog in the last year. Thank you very much.

Alas regarding what will happen in the year 2020 I am quite certain that it will be a year of economic crisis, political instability and military tension between the world powers.

Firstly starting with the economy I agree with those economists who are predicting that 2020 will be the year of the next major world economic crisis after the crash of 2008. For some reason these economic crisis tend to take place in October.

The world economy is based on fictitious capital of the major financial institutions. Also American corporations have ten trillion dollars of corporate debt. So the next economic crisis will probably as bad as that of 2008. Alas it will be the populist right wing party,s who will benefit from this crisis as sadly nowadays most ‘left’ wing political party,s just tamely accept the neo liberal and privatization dictates from the EU.

On the international stage I expect I expect growing military tension between American imperialism and both China and Iran. I expect this year a major hate campaign to take place in the media against China just like the one that was started against Russia a few years ago. It is interesting that some so called ‘truth movement’ activists campaigning against 5G are joining in the American neo conservative anti China campaign.

Turning to the American presidential election Trump will probably be re-elected, however if there is a major economic crisis this will of course make it more difficult for him to be re-elected. However, in my opinion it does not really matter who is president of America. They all act on behalf of the corporate elite and are war mongers. Trumps actions on the Nord Stream pipe line shows that in reality he is just as anti Russian as the Democrats.

Here in Britain by the end of 2020 I expect the Johnson government to be quite unpopular due to the economic crisis. However I am not sure that Labour will benefit from the crisis. Johnson,s so called one nation Conservatism will have been shown to be a sham. He is planning to outlaw public transport strikes,pure fascism. Also outlaw pro Palestine actions of councils who support BDS action against Israel. His government is also considering bringing in an Orwellian law that monitor peoples facebook posts to see if they are posting fake news on behalf of ‘hostile’ states. This of course means Russia and China.

Whoever is elected leader of the British Labour party I expect the party to move towards the right. I congratulate myself as a member of the Socialist Labour Party for not being taken in by the ‘Corbyn Project’ The decision by George Galloway the only left wing politician who I now really admire nowadays to launch the Workers Party of Britain at a rally in Birmingham in February 2020 is a very exciting development. This party will be socialist, anti globalist,anti EU and anti NATO.

Turning to the weather I expect there to be much more extreme weather conditions in 2020. Personally I am sceptical about both extinction rebellion and the climate change sceptics. Please see my blog published earlier in 2019 for my views on climate change.

In conclusion I urge people to join the resistance against the corporate war mongering globalist elite in 2020 and fight for a new world of peace justice and equality. Stay principled, stay honest and meditate.

Best wishes for all for 2020 and lets hope we all make together to 2021.

God bless you all.


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