In a corner of the quiet high street pub sit the young couple both in their early twenties.
He dressed in a white tee shirt and blue jeans,she in a silk black dress.
As a matter of course they go to the pub every Friday and Saturday night.

The young couple hold hands and stare at each other in a mood of mutual admiration.
Both look and are very much happy together.
They do not mind that their life is very much a matter of routine existence.
A visit to each others parents house in turn each night.
To talk about the coming wedding and the day at work.
The young lovers future is clearly already charted out for them.
They shall soon marry and move into a Wimpey house on the outskirts of town.
They are already planning to have a child immediately after they have married.
The weekend visit to the quiet pub shall cease, as they will need the money to pay for their mortgage.

But the young couple shall be quite happy in their married life.
You see although nothing exciting happens in their life.
Like most couples they are happy in each other and just being together.

Written, KO September 1986.

This was the first ever poem that I wrote in 1986. As you shall see in the next few years my poetry has taken on a much more serious political turn in the 33 years since 1986.


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