The Greek general election result of 7/7/19 on a very low voter turn out of 57% as widely expected resulted in a victory for the right wing New Democracy Party and a heavy defeat for the disgusting government of Alexis Tsipras Syriza of the ‘Radical Left’.

The Greek election result is important as it represents the EU fascist end game. Where the results of countries national elections are unimportant. As whoever is in power just carries out the dictates of privatization and neo liberalism under the orders of the EU dictatorship.

When Syriza came to power in January 2015 they promised to stop austerity, privatization and they said they would stand up to the EU. However they quickly capitulated to the EU carrying out massive spending cuts. Also mass privatization of railways,ports government buildings as well as other privatization.

Of course they could have defaulted on the Greek debt and reinstated the Drachma as the Greek currency. Alas they did not do so.

The Syriza sell out of the summer of 2015 had had an affect on the left throughout Europe. They being seen as sell outs and not being willing to fight against the EU big business interests elites.

Today the situation in Greece is dire with 40% youth unemployment and 18% national unemployment rate. Also there is widespread poverty.

Of course the key question is what can we learn from the Syriza government debacle.Firstly we need to get rid of the Euro currency and the EU dictatorship of finance capital. Socialists in all countries must campaign to leave the EU. Alas in most countries this is a pipe dream as most left wing party,s for some strange reason are pro EU including now the British fake left fraud Corbyn. Also we need to fight for a policy of public ownership of key industries and democratic control of the economy.

Best wishes to all for the future


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