The EU parliament election results in the UK went very much as expected. The Brexit party coming top with about 32% of the vote. As expected the pro remain vote went heavily towards the Liberal democrats.

Also as expected the Conservative party took an electoral hammering winning only about 9% of the vote. Labour did not do much better. The obvious reason fo these two party,s heavy defeat was their failure to deliver brexit. However Labour was also trying to appeal to both remain and brexit voters at the same time. However, I now expect Labour to come out firmly as a remain party. This may gain some voters in the affluent parts of London but it will be an electoral disaster in the Midlands and the North of England. I also now expect the Conservatives to elect a hard no deal pro brexit leader as the next prime minister.

So the political future for the United kingdom for the next couple of years will be to say the least very turbulent as the battle over brexit between those who want to accept the democratic vote of June 2016 and those who are trying to sabotage the vote intensifies.

In the rest of the European Union the real losers were the party,s of the European ‘socialists’ and the party of the European ‘Left’ The later won only 38 seats in the parliament. The reason for the ‘left’ poor performance is not hard to find. The austerity imposed in Greece by the Syriza government and the same policies imposed by the last ‘socialist’ government in France.

Unfortunately the European ‘left’ are the strongest supporters of the EU project. They will accept any austerity and privatization to implement this project.

My own personal view is that the EU is profoundly undemocratic. It destroys the power of national parliaments. It also enforces privatization, austerity and mass unemployment on member EU states.

As a pro brexit socialist I feel that we must redouble are efforts to get the UK out of the EU. Also we must try and build an anti globalist and anti EU movement in both the UK and the rest of the EU.

Best wishes for all for the future.


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