In November 2016 I wrote a blog called, will Donald Trump choose the path of peace? With his threats against Venezuela and his astonishing threat to ‘end Iran’ clearly he has chosen the path of war and conflict.

Whether or not he was in favour of peace but was threatened by the deep state or whether he has always really been a war monger we do not know. But his visit to the UK and his actions during his presidency raise a number of issues.

Firstly it does not really matter who is the president of the USA. As the country is always controlled by the deep state made of the military industrial complex and the oligarchical corporate capitalist elite whoever is president. This is why policies do not really change much whoever is president.

Secondly,American/Western imperialism is supremely evil. They believe in permanent war. Also injustice and internal repression in the USA and other western imperialist countries.

Thirdly they believe in ransacking the resources of third world countries and the global south. They will never accept a multi polar world with Russia and China. This is why a third world war is quite possible.

The key question is what should we do to fight back. Firstly try and attend the anti Trump demonstrations on his visit to the UK in June 2019.

Secondly try and get involved in anti war,anti imperialist and anti corporate rule campaigns.

Do not despair. Never give up. Keep on fighting back.

Best wishes for the future. God bless you all.


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