On the 23/5/19 the voters of the UK will be asked to vote in elections to the European Union parliament. In my opinion this is outrageous as this country has already voted to leave the EU in June 2016. For more background on my views on this please see my most recent blog about the plot to sabotage brexit.

Th obvious question then to ask is what to do now that the decision has been made for the UK to take part in the EU elections on 23/5/19. Remainers will probably be very pleased that the UK is taking part in the elections. However, I am certain that this view will backfire. As I am confident that the Brexit party will win about 40% of the vote in the elections. This I feel will will turn the brexit situation back in favour of the pro leave elements in the UK.

Most pro brexit voters including many left wing brexit supporters will vote for the Brexit party on the 23/5/19. Including George Galloway who I greatly admire. However,I personally will be boycotting the elections on the 23/5/19. I agree with point of view of the Socialist Labour Party and Communist Party of Britain that voters should boycott the EU elections. The reason for this is that the elections are wholly illegitimate as this country has already voted to leave the EU.

I expect the Conservative party to quite rightly take a hammering on the 23/5/19. The Labour party will also suffer a big defeat although nowhere near as heavy as that of the Conservative party. Interestingly many of the Labour candidates are pro EU Blarite reactionaries. So much for the Labour party being now under the control of the hard left. I can see why many pro brexit voters will vote for the brexit party on the 23/5/19. However I am personally of the view that people should boycott the elections. Of course every body is entitled to their own point of view. It is important that after the elections that those of us who support brexit redouble our efforts to fight for a peoples brexit.

In my next blog to be published shortly after the EU elections. I will analyse the results of the European parliament elections results both hear in the UK and in the rest of the European Union.

Best wishes for the future.


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