This blog is my 300th published blog. So it is very much something to celebrate. Since this blog was first published in 2011 it has been very much about human freedom,justice, world peace and social equality. Also exposing the secret plans of the war mongering corporate elite. So it is only right that the 300th published blog should be about being a free authentic individual who thinks and works things out for themselves and does not full for the narrative and propaganda of the ruling elite.

There are two levels of being a free authentic individual. Firstly on the day to day life level. I would suggest totally avoiding the corporate media. Do not watch the news on BBC, or any corporate media outlets. I would also recommend not reading corporate newspapers.

I would strongly urge people to obtain their news from alternative internet media outlets. I would urge people to use their discretion when reading news on alternative internet outlets. Does the news story seem too far fetched is there any evidence to back the story up?

The second level to being a free authentic individual is on a spiritual or psychological level.I would strongly urge people to read Eckhart Tolle book a New Earth. This shows that by meditating and concentrating on the exact moment and not the future and past you can see and become the free authentic being below your egoic self and thoughts.

The ego is your present thoughts and emotions which can lead you astray. Give you grandiose aims that stop you being effective in your every day life. Whilst if you can get in touch with you true being below your ego you will be much better equipped to deal with every day life and also to fight for social change.

I would also strongly urge people to avoid recreational drugs and if possible abstain from alcohol.

In conclusion I expect the next two years to be very crucial for the human race. This blog will be very much on the side of those fighting for justice, peace and human freedom. My next two blogs will be on the hypocrisy of the November 2018 commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war. Then after that a review of David Ray Griffin new book American Trajectory.

Best wishes to all for the future. God bless you all


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