The zionist/fascist English Defence League have certainly caught the headlines in the last few months. Holding a fifteen thousand strong football lads alliance demonstration in Central London. This has included an outrageous attack on the assistant general secretary of the RMT trade union Steve Headley. Interestingly like most far right groups in Britain the EDL are zionist and pro Israel. In this blog I will analyse why the EDL have grown in influence and what we need to do to defeat their influence.

The main reason for the growth in the EDL in Britain and other far right groups in Europe is the crisis in both the left and the economic system. Many fake left politicians support neo liberalism and privatization. Also they have an obsession with adopting a pro EU stance. Even if this means adopting the European Union,s anti working class, pro neo liberal pro privatization policies. This alas is not just a British phenomenon but applies to other EU countries like Greece and Spain.

However despite their growth I still think that the EDL are largely a paper tiger. They have little chance of becoming a mass political movement in Britain. I still think that the major fascist threat in this country and other EU countries is the silent corporate fascism from the globalist,conservative,liberal and fake left political party,s. With their aim of establishing a globalist dictatorship where national elections become meaningless and international trade treaties ensure compulsory neo liberalism and privatization whatever the result of national elections.

Of course we must still defeat the EDL. But this requires a two pronged fight firstly against the EDL and secondly against the fake left groups and party,s who support globalism,neo liberalism and privatization.

We should firstly organize demonstrations against the EDL. But we should also be campaigning in our local communities to promote class politics and socialist policies.

However the key aim must be to develop the correct policies and political programme. This must include an anti globalist left programme based on the ideas of the Greek anti globalist socialist Takis Fotopoulos.

This would include support for a socialist brexit. Defence of national democracy against the corporate fascist EU and its fake left supporters. Also public ownership a massive council house building programme. Also a massive increase in public spending, trade union rights and decent wages for all. In other words a class politics working class socialist programme.

Personally I do not trust Momentum the pro Corbyn faction in the Labour party. As many of them seem to be pro globalist, pro EU. I still feel that we need an alternative socialist party to the Labour party.

In conclusion I am confident that with the correct policies the EDL and other far right groups can be defeated.

Best wishes for the future to all.



  1. Remember that the assistant general secretary of the RMT trade union Steve Headley himself was involved in a lynch mob outside Diorama together with Soros-funded Hope not Hate and North London Antifa, to close down a meeting of Keep Talking, which is in no way Fascist or Zionist. He may or may not have been misled, but he did represent the RMT by holding a large RMT flag. I can have no sympathy with the RMT or with Steve Headley until they give a reasonable explanation of their behaviour. So things often aren’t as they seem. I think the English Defence League is best ignored — other than for purposes of investigation and publishing anything you find.

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