In this latest blog I will look at the legacy of England,s patron saint St George.

St George Englands patron saint was a Palestine Syrian Christian martyr who was executed in 303 because he refused to renounce his Christian faith. The fact that he was of Palestine descent is ironic as Tommy Robinson, zionist fascist English Defence League have tried to claim St George as a symbol. However, St George was obviously a just and noble man. Somebody all decent people should identify with.

He is also a focus for international unity. Besides being the patron saint of England, his feast day being celebrated on the 23/4/18. His feast day is celebrated by the Russian orthodox church on the 3/11/18 and the Egyptian Coptic church on the 17/11/18. Many other countries also celebrate St Georges feast day on different dates.

St George is very relevant for our very difficult present time as a focus for international unity and justice. If you are a person of faith I would suggest asking him to intercede on your behalf and also to make the present world a more just place.

In conclusion ironically my next blog will be related to England and how we can defeat the English Defence league.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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