Now its over it has to to be said that the 2018 Russia world cup was a huge success. Flowing football in excellent stadiums.

Many congratulations to France the worthy winners of the competition.

Also hats of to Gareth Southgate and the England team confounding all expectations in reaching the semi final. As I have said before I very much like Gareth Southgate with his polite manner and smart dress sense. He has firmly established himself as the England manager.

However alas turning to a more serious manner the Russian world cup has created a huge problem for the neo conservative war mongers. The England and other country,s fans have stated how warm and friendly the russian people are.

This is of course very bad news for the western imperialist war machine. However I am sure that they will quickly resort to their war drive and hate campaign against Russia.

However we must use the success of the Russian world cup as a springboard to fight for peace and socialism.

In conclusion enjoy the new football season when it starts in August I hope your team does well this season.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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