People should take part in the demonstration in London on 13/7/18. I will, but not to specifically demonstrate against Donald Trump but against the evils of American/Western imperialism.

Trump is no better or worse than any other American president all are basically evil. They all resort to war,murder and violence against third world countries to steal their resources on behalf of American corporate interests.

He seems to want better relations with Russia but at the same time increase tensions with China and Iran. I suspect that his strategy is to try split the Russia China alliance but he will not succeed.

USA imperialism has used mass violence in the last 60 years mainly against third world countries. They have organized fascist coups in Brazil 1964,Chile 1973 and in other Latin American countries in the 1970,s. Also there was the mass terror of the Vietnam war.

The Iraq war under Bush. Obama,s inspired wars in the Ukraine and Syria. Trump by the way was interested in invading Venezuela to overthrow its democratically elected socialist government.

Besides American imperialism, European imperialism is just as evil. In the early 1900,s Belgium murdered ten million Africans in the Congo in slave conditions. Also in 1943 in East Bengal nearly four million people died in a famine deliberately created by British imperialism.

Not much has changed in the present times. Support for Israels, repression against the people of Palestine. Also western imperialist inspired wars are always on the horizon for the future.

But we must do something positive to change this situation. Get involved in anti war and anti corporate rule groups.

In conclusion attend the demonstration in London on Friday 13/7/18. But protest not against Trump in particular but against western imperialism in general.

God bless you all.



  1. Yes, I’m ashamed to say that the Stop the War Coalition, of which I am a member, is doing the Mainstream Media’s job for it, in waging war against Donald Trump, rather than trying to stop wars. That’s the oldest trick in the book. They have become controlled opposition.

    No President of the USA has a free hand. All that stopped with the murder of JFK. Trump is obviously following orders, probably from the CIA. The alternative is a bullet in his head. However, he is following orders rather too well, and too blatantly. He knows that in doing so the whole thing will backfire — not so much against him as against the CIA. Trump doesn’t care if the Mainstream Media and the Left join forces against him; they’re doing that anyway. His belligerence against North Korea united the world against the CIA, and now he is negotiating. His recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel set the whole world against that policy, including many in Israel itself, and it split the US Jews 50-50, thus undermining AIPAC, who were demanding that policy from him and previous Presidents. He must have done Judo; when the opponent pushes, you pull; when the opponent pulls, you push.

    The leadership of the Stop the War Coalition shun all who aren’t socialists, so that they can never gain an overwhelming majority in the country to stop the wars. That’s the whole idea, I’m afraid. Controlled opposition.

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