Well miraculously the 2018 Russia world cup will kick off this Thursday 14/6/18 without any boycotts. Despite the attempts of the neo conservative war mongers such as Boris Johnson to wreck the competition. Skripal event etc if you know what I mean.

Now I am a die hard non league football fan myself and I am usually not that interested in international football. But I am looking forward to this world cup as I feel that it could be a pathway towards world peace. A successful competition will be a blow and set back for the imperialist war mongers.

The hopefully friendly atmosphere between the fans of the different countries and the Russian people may help to create a climate for world peace. Although do not rule out the false flag football hooligan events staged by MI5.

Myself I think that England will do alot better in this world cup than in recent competitions. I think that they will reach the quarter final this time. I personally quite like Gareth Southgate. I also hope that the host country Russia do well in the competition. Alas though I think that they will not.

Although Germany will probably win the competition do not be surprised if an outsider wins this time. Such as Portugal or Belgium.

Enjoy the 2018 Russia world cup. Also have a happy summer. Keep on fighting against war,and social injustice.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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