In this latest blog I will analyse the relevance of the ideas of the Political philosopher Karl Marx to our present times. I will not look at the past legacy of Marxs ideas but as I have just stated his relevance to our present times.

However getting back to the theme of this blog. I will argue that some of Marxs ideas are very relevant to our present time. Although some of his ideas need updating.

I feel that Marx is correct in his view that capitalism tends to produce monopoly trading. This is very much the case in our present times as in each economic,industrial and financial sector just a few major companies tend to dominate. For instance Amazon and in the banking sector there is the tendency towards the monopoly of a few companies.

He has also been proved correct in my view regarding the instability facing the working class. The days of secure well paid jobs of the 1960,s are well and truly gone. Now in North America and Western Europe many well educated young people face a future of low paid casual employment.

After the political changes in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union from 1989 to 1991 many political commentators said that Marx ideas were now irrelevant. However there has been a revenge of history with the 2008 financial crisis. In fact banks and financial income is now mostly fictitious capital made up of numbers on a computer. Many capital economists are predicting a much bigger economic crisis than in 2008 in the next few years.

We are also facing the possibility of world war between Britain, USA and other western powers against Russia,China and Iran. So the world wide race for for capitalist profits by the western imperialist powers is looking like it could produce a major war in the future.

However one idea where I feel that Marx was wrong is in his total materialist atheist outlook. Evidence of near death experiences tend to suggest some sort of after life and spirit world. Perhaps we need a reformed type of idealist Marxism. I am sure that Gramsci would understand.

In conclusion Karl Marxs ideas are still relevant to our present times. Capitalism is still very much a two headed beast. Being able to produce technological advance but at the same time wars, injustices, inequality and economic instability.

So we need to mark his 200th birthday by trying to build a just humane peaceful socialist world.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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