This latest blog goes against the grain to a certain extent. As most socialists say that now that Corbyn is leader of the Labour party it has returned to its socialist roots. I will alas explain that this is probably not the case.

I left the Labour party in 1994 due to the dramatic shift to the right under Tony Blair. Many of the former Bennites on the left wing of the party slowly became Labour right wingers and supporters of Tony Blair. This is the main reason why I did not rejoin the party when Corbyn became leader as I felt that most of his Momentum supporters will slowly drift towards the right wing of the party. Particularly those that became councillors.

In fact this process has already began. Owen Jones has moved towards the right. The former Marxist Paul Mason has turned into a pro NATO anti Russian war monger. He is now try to sell us the fake ideology that we live in a post capitalist society. ‘Oh if thats the case then the bosses exploitation is okay’ Other Momentum supporters are already drifting towards the right and I expect this process to rapidly accelerate in the next few years.

So my personal experience is that the Labour party will always ending up supporting the capitalists against the working class and imperialist wars against the Southern half of the planet earth. So what we need is a new cadre type party. That is anti capitalist and anti imperialist.

This is why as a start on this process we should support the candidates of the three socialist party,s that are standing candidates against the Labour party in the May 2018 council elections. These are the Communist party of Britain, the Socialist Labour party and the Trade Union Socialist Coalition. These party,s candidates should be supported, as a vote for their candidates is a vote for socialism and a vote against war and imperialism.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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