In this latest blog I will analyse the political degradation of the political party,s of the European Left. Such as Syriza Greece, Podemos Spain and the Socialist party Netherlands.

I will explain how these partys,s which a few years ago tried to position themselves to the left of the party,s of the socialist international such as the SPD Germany, Socialist party France and Spain etc are now no different from these party,s. As both accept neo liberalism, privatization and the European Union dictatorship.

The political party,s of the European Left largely came to the fore as a response to the rightward shift of the party,s of the socialist international. These partys,s as I have already mentioned accept neo liberalism privatization and the EU dictatorship. Of course these party,s have suffered in electoral terms. For instance the Netherlands Labour party winning only 5.9%
of the vote in the recent election. They used to obtain over 30% of the vote.

Tragically however the party,s of the European Left have quickly turned out to be no different from the party,s of the socialist international. The obvious example being the disgusting Syriza government in Greece led by the spineless Tsipras, who has gone along with the EU dictatorship privatization and austerity programme. Pablo Iglesias the leader of the Spanish party Podemos defended the Syriza sell out of September 2015.

Since the Syriza sell out of September 2015 the party of the European Left have lost any credibility that it had. This is best summed up by a recent statement by Harry Van Bommel the former foreign affairs spokes person of the Netherlands Socialist party that his party is prepared to go into a coalition government with centre right party,s.

Of course we must analyse why the party,s of the European Left have degenerated politically. Basically there are a few reasons for this.

Firstly there political activists tend to come from well off comfortable off backgrounds with no base in the working class. Thus they have no inner feeling to fight for the working class. They would rather defend their comfortable political careers and at the same time sell out the interests of the working class.

Secondly they have accepted like most of post modernist left the fake internationalism of the fascist European Union. They are prepared to adopt neo liberalism and privatization to keep the Euro currency and the EU dictatorship on the road.

Of course the key question is what can be done to counter the party of the European Left disaster. What needs to be done in my opinion is to build an anti EU/ anti globalist left. Which campaigns for their countries to leave the fascist EU and support socialist policies. The party that I am a member of the Socialist Labour party supports such policies.

In conclusion I would urge you to read the following two books. Larry Elliot book Europe didn,t work and Takis Fotopoulos book The new world order in action.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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